One Look At A Tesla Charging Station Will Cure You Of Ever Going Electric!


All you have to do is take just one look at a Tesla charging station and that alone would cure you of ever wanting to buy an electric car…

The Biden Administration is busy trying to put the “green squeeze” on most Americans by charging them $5 for their terrorist-loving gas guzzling SUV so that you will be motivated to switch to an electric car. There is no question that $5 per gallon gas is coming in handy for them right now.

Due to the Russians invading Ukraine, the United States can now falsely claim that Putin is the one to blame. Moreover, they can now urge you to get an electric car so that you will be able to avoid the outrageous gas prices.

There is just one small problem with that. You see, the people that cannot afford $5 per gas also cannot afford a $50,000 electric vehicle.

However, the issues surrounding electric vehicles go even further than just the cost.

For one thing, is this country even ready for millions and millions more electric vehicles on the road? How are we going to manage the charging stations? Do we have enough of them? Do we even have enough power to handle the sudden surge of all of these people plugging in their vehicles?

Do these people realize that we are going to need a tremendous amount of coal plants so that we can power all of these charges?

Speaking of those charging stations, what is there is someone that you are expected to be, but your car is out of a charge and you go to a charging station but there are 15 cars in front of you?

Then what?

Well, all you need to do is take a gander at the main picture for this article, which is depicting a line of cars at a mall in California, but not just any mall. They are trying to charge their cars.

Now, that picture is bad enough, but when you look at the time that it takes to charge an electric car, it doesn’t bode well for these or any other consumers that choose to buy one.

According to the manual, charging an electric car can take anywhere from “30 minutes to half a day.” Well, mercy, these people at that charging station are sure going to be waiting for a long time!

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