Biden’s Big Time Blunder…Sent FAKE N95 Masks To FRONT LINE WORKERS!


I tend to go years without buying certain stuff sometimes, and with good reason. Sometimes, you just don’t get the authentic article.

My youngest son has gotten into retro game systems the past couple of years and he has been wanting to play some of the older Nintendo Game Boy games. Problem is, they haven’t made some of them in years. That being said, you can always find a brand new one, still in the box online. It may cost you a little bit, but you always end up having a better time than those knockoff systems that have games that don’t even work.

Now, think about how bad of an inconvenience a fake Game Boy would be…Imagine if that Game Boy is the one thing keeping you from dying of a horrible illness.

According to 3M, “more than 10 million” counterfeit N95 respirator masks have been seized since the pandemic began.” The Biden regime’s latest foul up proves that they can’t even spot the dead giveaways, like a box just off a ship from Shenzhen, China, marked “3M” and “Made in the USA.”

Investigators scratch their heads and shrug, “it’s like a needle in a stack of needles.” The major flub is that they made their way into use by frontline workers.

They may be knockoffs but they work just as good as the real thing, almost. Investigators are going bananas trying to stop the flood of of counterfeit 3M respirators. People are getting into shoving matches over N95 masks, “prized for their ability to filter out 95 percent” of the Covid carrying crud.

The thing that drives experts nuts are the lab tests that show the imposters filter out the same level of particles as genuine 3M models. They perform a lot better than the officially sanctioned Chinese import KN95s. There is one drawback to the counterfeits and it could be crucial.

The supply managers for major hospitals didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday so they know better than just buy medical supplies from shady places.

When the Washington State Hospital Association was looking for 300,000 of the masks in December, “it sent samples to hospital leaders, who said they appeared legitimate.” They really did.

“It’s not like we just ordered them sight unseen,” insists Beth Zborowski, spokesunit for the association.

“We had two major medical centers in Seattle look at the quality, straps, cut them open and decide ‘this looks like it’s the real deal’ before they bought them.” On their recommendation, “major hospital systems in the state” bought more of the knockoff masks on their own, “adding up to 1.9 million.”

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