HUH? What Biden Said His First Job Was Is The Biggest Lie Yet!


Everybody knows that Joe Biden had really bad dementia, and it clearly affects his presidential duties.

This has been an issue ever since he got installed in the White House, even his personal doctors doubted that he could attend his duties, but surprisingly his wife a so-called doctor tolerated those warnings.

But what makes it even worse is that Joe Biden has a habit of lying. Which is really a bad thing already, then there goes his own administration lying for him too.

How can any American believe anything Biden says after he has lied so blatantly about an Afghanistan evacuation he claims was an “extraordinary success”?

First thing, Biden said, “Americans understand we’re going to try and get it done before Aug. 31, and if there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.”

“But let me be clear, any American who wants to come home, we will get you home,” he added.

That is a total lie! Even Biden himself admits Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan as he withdrew the last US forces before getting them home.

He confirmed himself, “Ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave.”

US Central Command head Gen. Frank McKenzie confirmed the day before that some Americans trying to escape couldn’t get to the Kabul airport — and the last five jets left without a single American on board.

Wow, that’s just another borat president.

Recently, he lied again on his travel to Boise, Idaho as part of his visit to the western part of the US.

He said, “I used to tell Frank Church this, I got a — my first job offer, where I wanted — my deceased wife and I wanted to move to Idaho because — not a joke — it’s such a beautiful, beautiful state. And I interviewed for a job at Boise Cascade, and in the meantime, there was a war going on. Anyway. But the whole point was that I used to always kid Frank.”

Watch it here: Youtube/The Hill

And there goes Boise Cascade, who says that there is no record of Biden’s story being true.

Boise Cascade Spokeswoman Lisa Tschampl confirmed, “We have no record of President Biden’s application or of him having worked for the company. “

That’s Biden in a nutshell.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, New York Post

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