One 12 Second Video Of A Black Voter Is The Democrats Worst Nightmare!


We all know how these Democrats react to humiliation, in front of the cameras they’re acting as if it’s not really a big deal…  They want to look tough in the public eye even though their foundation is as weak as Biden.

They even tried to spin some failures into a so-called “Victory,” that’s how desperate the Democratic cults have become.

In reality, they just can’t handle it.

Dems have done their best to show the world that they are winning the Virginia and New Jersey elections, pushing the green button for their bots to post a tweet that is surely in favor of them.

For example:

But really, it’s out of context.

Remembering how ‘Reagan’ was completely unrecognizable and known for the fact that our country is so divided and so polarized politically, that to suggest today can be compared to back then is laughably naïve.

And these Dems have done their very best to dodge humiliation on live TV but this video just made this man the ‘kryptonite’ of the Democratic Party.

Watch it here:

Or let’s just say he just became a ‘Gordon Ramsay’ type for the failing restaurant (administration) where he straight slams the administration with facts that have turned him to become a Republican.

The Dems are facing the issues of inflation is through the roof and the economy went bad.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this man is gonna be headlines of our news anytime soon for saying that on live TV.

Meanwhile, Americans trying to make ends meet are faced with an ongoing inflation crisis that harms workers and businesses struggling to recover from Democrat-led COVID lockdowns. In August, consumer prices rose by 5.3 percent, marked by rising prices for everyday goods like gas, meat, and eggs. In that same month, core consumer prices rose by 4 percent – the highest spike since 1991.

The cost of inflation amounts to an extra tax of $175 per month on each American household, or $2,100 a year. Economists are warning that rising prices could be “here to stay for years.”

Source: WayneDupree

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