Biden Removed The Wall, What Happened Next Is Sickening!


Now illegal drug traffickers can easily enter America. Thanks to Biden!

It’s been known that Tucson, Arizona has long been used as a path distributor for illicit drugs that are being illegally entered across the southern border.

It will only take 65 miles of desert and these illegal traffickers can already reach the city using the endless network of isolated trails along the way. This path can be used without being detected by any agents.

During the Trump era, a 245 miles wall was constructed along the Arizona-Mexico border. Trump made it as his top priority to secure America and cut off countless access points that were used by illegal aliens for the past years.

But now, after Joe Biden took the office, the trails that Trump made to secure the country have been opened again.

In one of the most heavily trafficked areas in southern Arizona, which is a favorite of Mexican drug runners, large sections of already-constructed border wall have been cut out and have inexplicably been left wide open and unsupervised.

Smugglers are now free to go back and forth as they please. All they need to do is look both ways and make sure there is no agent in sight – and thanks to the fiasco border agents are dealing with, there usually isn’t one.

In just one 5 mile stretch of wall, at least a half dozen sections had been removed.

Many are conveniently placed in-between hills, hiding illegal crossers from agents on higher ground.

According to a local guide who has been to the wall multiple times since it was constructed, the cutout sections are new, as of the past couple of months, and had previously been fully intact along this particular stretch.

Under Trump, the area had become much more secure. He had put up a barrier that was working and severely limiting illegal crossing and drug smuggling in the area. But ever since Biden kicked off his border crisis, the locals have noticed a large resurgence of drug smugglers crossing the valley on their way to Tucson.

Well, now we know how so many are getting through.

Since Biden took the office he has been in dereliction of his presidential oath. Instead of protecting the entire nation he even opened a wide door for the criminals to harm each of his citizens.

It’s one thing to vow that “not one foot of wall will be built” during this fraudulent administration, but it’s borderline criminal to tear down the wall or see the wall torn down in sections that are in place to protect our citizens.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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