What This Black Patriot Did When They Tried To Segregate Him Is Absolutely Heroic!


America has never been divided like this before. Not until Joe Biden made the entire nation in to two.

And he’s doing this of his so-called “health and safety.”

But if he’s really concerned about his people’s HEALTH and WELLNESS he should be preaching about healthy eating every day instead of offering free donuts to take a vaccine that is ravaging obese people. This isn’t a government that cared for its people.

If they really do care about people’s health they should have lowered the cost of insulin, and make cancer treatments affordable to everyone. But there are still no changes. Is this the kind of government that really cared about your health? No way!

I’m not encouraging everyone not to take the vaccine, if you want and if you need to take go for it, that is your decision. But for those people who are healthy, have the immunity to take of themselves should not be bullied by anyone for not receiving the vaccine. The vaccine should be a personal discretion. The government should not mandate someone to take it if that person doesn’t want it.

As this brave patriot said, it’s un-American.

This young black guy and his family walked into a Brooklyn restaurant and were told to leave because they’re unaxed, and that sparked him to go on a “segregation” rant that was so good, it’ll have you cheering.

You can watch the video below.

Watch it here: Youtube/ZeroHedge Janitor

He’s right. These mandates are segregation, especially when you think about the fact that most of the unvaxed are people of color.

God Bless this guy for having the courage to stand up and tell all of these pompous jerks off.

This isn’t about “Republican vs Democrat.”

It’s about communist vs patriot.

Source: Wayne Dupree


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