Biden And Kamala Just Made Up And It Was As Fake As…


No matter how hard Biden and Kamala tried to stage that everything is okay, unfortunately for them, the public eye sees a huge tension between their fakery.

During Bob Dole’s funeral Biden and Kamala have proved that they are not on good terms, though this isn’t secret from everyone but seeing this coming from their actions validated all the speculations.

Despite hating each other, they still need to make it like they were just fine because they both knew that they were both tanking in the polls so badly. And pulling some cringe-worthy stunt was the one they believed would help, but unfortunately, it failed miserably.

They tried to have a “loving” moment while on a video chat.

And it didn’t work.

Here’s an excerpt from The New York Post report:

Joe Biden ignited a social media frenzy Friday with his overly enthusiastic affection for embattled Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Hi Kamala, I love you,” Biden said robotically to his veep, while the two delivered remarks at a virtual meeting of the Democratic National Committee. “You always have my back. You are really amazing. You’re the best partner I could imagine.”

“I do,” Harris replied awkwardly.

“What a team,” the DNC said of the appearance. But Twitter erupted with disdain for the exchange.

Yeah, that didn’t seem weird or rehearsed or anything, did it?

Good grief.

And the DNC putting out the clip with the title, “What a team,” was the cherry on top of this cringe sundae.

Below are the comments from the people online:

“Lol, the worst team in the history of the United States of America. In one short yr, we have inflation at the highest level, highest gas, food and unemployment rates, a virus running out of control. These 2 are not fit to run an outhouse”

“This is some really weird sh*t”

“These two literally hate each other, like “Tom and Jerry” hate, so that makes this stunt really awkward and creepy.”


“Harris butt’s been wiped”

“Dems. Doing the most to do the least.”

“Cringe !!”

“I saw this and thought it was sarcasm, then realized it wasn’t. “

“Watch it without sound. Notice how they’re both forcing smiles and shaking their head no? That’s called non verbal communication. It’s easy to lie verbally. Difficult to lie non verbally. Joe and Kamala are terrible liars.”

Well, all I can say is that everything this administration has been showing us it was all fake, none of them comes naturally just like how these tandems were showing off but behind the curtains, they were just forcing and staging everything.

And again, the Biden admin is still playing 90s-style politics, forgetting that this type of lame political propaganda doesn’t work in today’s era of mass social media.

In actuality, lazy propaganda like this works against them. But let’s not tell them that, we want these bozos to keep doing stuff like this.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, New York Post



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