Arizona AG Just Told Merrick Garland, “You Have Been WARNED”


Joe didn’t actually win…AKA the “truth.”

Merrick Garland and the Democrats like to pretend that the Arizona audit is a “sham” that is being carried out just to appease enraged Trump supporters – they have to because if they don’t, they’ll give in to the concept that 2020 was a fraud.

But believe me when I say that none of these terrible men are laughing. They can’t say it, so they have to behave as though it’s all a “huge joke.”

The truth is in reality, Merrick Garland, the White House, Democrats, the media, and the GOP are all terrified of these audits.

They should be…

According to a recent poll, 51% of Americans feel that the 2020 election has cheating involved.

That is why they’re making so many threats about the outcome now and on the other hand, the decent folks of Arizona are not amused.

Arizona’s attorney general today warned the Biden Justice Department to back off its criticism of the state Senate’s audit of the Maricopa County 2020 vote, accusing it of giving in to “hysterical” lefty Trump haters, according to the Washington Examiner.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich to Attorney General Merrick Garland saying, “My office is not amused by the DOJ’s posturing and will not tolerate any effort to undermine or interfere with our State Senate’s audit to reassure Arizonans of the accuracy of our elections.”

“We stand ready to defend federalism and state sovereignty against any partisan attacks or federal overreach,” he also added.

Merrick was told by Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers that if he touches one ballot, he will be imprisoned in Arizona…

The message is clear: Team Biden is concerned, and Team AZ isn’t playing games. They won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of the audit.

This is commendable, and more audits and attitudes like this are needed in troubled and controversial states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.


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