Another Country Has Tightened The COVID Noose Again….


On Friday, Germany announced that it will implement stricter rules with COVID, and it’s no longer enough to be double vaccinated. You should be triple-vaxxed or nothing!

The country is so strict that even double vaxxed citizens are not allowed into restaurants without taking tests. It seems like the double vaxxed have now become second-class citizens.

According to The Gateway Pundit reports:

New restrictions have been announced today (January 4) which will affect double vaccinated and those who have recovered from Covid, who will now need to provide a daily negative test in order to enter many establishments in Hamburg, Germany.

Only those who have received their booster shot will be able to attend restaurants, cultural and sporting events indoors in the city without testing, meaning that double vaccinated are no longer considered fully vaccinated.

DW News has more on the new restrictions:

Stricter regulations will be enforced in bars and restaurants nationwide.

Access to restaurants will be limited to people who are fully vaccinated or considered recovered who can additionally provide evidence of either a booster shot or a current negative COVID-19 test.

“It’s a strict rule, but it’s a necessary one that will help us better control infections [in the future] than is currently the case,” Scholz said, defending the measure.

Scholz emphasized the central role that booster shots will play in the weeks and months to come. He said the “best protection against omicron is a booster vaccination.”

Meanwhile, anti-COVID restriction protests continue to be commonplace throughout Germany.

Sources: WeloveTrump, DW News, Gateway Pundit

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