An Update On Fetterman’s Health Has Raised Even More Questions Than Before…


Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senator John Fetterman has been facing a tough battle with his mental and physical wellbeing since he had a stroke last May. This happened just before he secured a significant victory in the Democratic primary.

Throughout the general election, it was clear that Fetterman had trouble communicating, particularly during a debate against his Trump-supported GOP rival, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Despite these hurdles, Fetterman triumphed in the November election, turning a formerly Republican seat blue.

Since then, though, Fetterman has found it challenging to fulfill his senatorial responsibilities and has spent the majority of his first two months in the Senate receiving medical care. Just last month, he was hospitalized for dizziness and later admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center due to symptoms of clinical depression. He’s been staying at the center, out of the public eye, with no updates on his health.

CNN’s Manu Raju recently offered some news on Fetterman’s condition, but not everyone was convinced. An insider close to the senator shared that Fetterman’s recovery from clinical depression was going well and that he might leave Walter Reed in a couple of weeks. His doctor also supposedly told him that he’d soon feel as good, if not better than he did after his stroke.

However, a few conservative commentators weren’t so sure about these statements. Tim Young, a comedian and conservative pundit, demanded video evidence, while others questioned how someone could predict the recovery time for clinical depression, a complex condition. Kira Davis from RedState even insinuated that someone was being dishonest and that Fetterman wasn’t suited for his position.

Fetterman’s team addressed the calls for his resignation, explaining that his depression had only recently worsened and that he was receiving the necessary care at Walter Reed. Fetterman’s wife also stood by him, proudly stating that he sought help and was getting the care he needed.

Although politicians from both parties wished Fetterman well and recognized the struggles he and his family must be going through, some still harbored doubts about his recovery. It’s unclear when Fetterman will resume his work in the Senate and how his ongoing health issues will impact his ability to serve effectively.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Sources: ConservativeBrief, WesternJournal, CNN

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  1. No. Do not accept a video of fetterman. If he is able to meet with his staff, read and understand the congressional information supplied to him, and co-sponsor bills, let him actually face the press and answer questions without cue cards or any assistance. Why not? A sure step to admitting failure. Marine Bob

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