ALERT: Meghan Markle May Be Running For OFFICE!


If there is one thing we do not need, it is another attention-seeking liberal trying to get into the White House.

Look at what happens every single time one of these liberals tries to get into politics, it always ends in disaster.

Then, if you add the idea that the person that was thinking of running for President was going to spend the rest of their life as a member of a ruling family in another country, you have to wonder what the true agenda was all along…

Rumors are set a drift through the kingdom, and American Hollywood and Political royalty are planning on running for the highest office in the land, President of the United States of America. Social media is abuzz with discussions on Megan Markle’s plans to run for office. And we should take it seriously.

The American left loves palace intrigue, royalty, and “being like the rest of the world,” and so, of course, they would vote for a Princess and a Prince to rule America. Especially after a Marxist Community Organizer uses all of the tactics to simultaneously break down traditional Americans and elevate his chosen people. Obama is the god of the left’s utopian religion, and we all know it.

Many of us trivialize the whole “royal thing” as Americans because it is just not our cup of tea. However, we may want to get our head around what it would look like to have British royalty in the White House because that appears to be what is happening.

I, personally, have been suspicious since the wedding that former Community Organizer Obama would get those royals over here and run them both as candidates after a PR storm. I think the family fight is fake, to be honest.

And I may be thinking too much like the LaRouche Political Pac, who believe the Brits are our number one problems in America and the ones behind the Mueller disaster. And as nice as I think the Brits maybe, I don’t want them in our banking or our White House.

I have long discussions with some LaRouche Political Pac members, and I remain focused on the Chinese Communist Party as our number one threat; however, they make a strong point that the Brits are our friends, but they are also a huge part of our problems

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2 thoughts on “ALERT: Meghan Markle May Be Running For OFFICE!

  1. Nothing is “royal” about the markle trollop; just a gold-digging, attention hungry whiner; after all this time and discussion “you simply cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”! Never could, never will.

  2. Maybe I’ve forgotten some history but didn’t American patriots boot British Redcoats out of these colonies quite a few years ago?

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