ALERT: TRAGIC Death Connected To Barack Obama!


Let me clearly state the following, I am not a fan of Barack Obama by any stretch of the imagination. You will never see me buying a copy of one of his books or standing in line to meet him.

You’ll never get me to vote for a cause that he endorses, and I generally think that he is a disreputable human being that should probably be in jail.

That being said, he is someone with a family and people that have had nothing to do with the political process in that family. Whenever someone has a death in their family, no matter what side of the aisle they are on, we need to as people take two seconds to pray for that person…

Former President Barack Obama’s step-grandmother died at around 4 a.m. local time in Kenya’s third largest city, Kisumu, on Monday.

Known as the family’s matriarch, Sarah Obama was at least 99 years old and promoted education for girls and orphans in her rural Kogelo village.

The article goes on to state the following: Relatives and officials confirmed her death on Monday. According to a family spokesman, the former president had been informed of the death and has sent his condolences.

Obama wrote in a Twitter post on Monday, “My family and I are mourning the loss of our beloved grandmother, Sarah Ogwel Onyango Obama, affectionately known to many as “Mama Sarah” but known to us as “Dani” or Granny. We will miss her dearly, but we’ll celebrate with gratitude her long and remarkable life.”

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