Doocy Asked Biden A Question And Totally Baffled Him!


If there’s one thing the Left can’t stop talking about, that’s Donald Trump.

He lives in their heads, rent-free.

They rarely ever talk about the issues directly because their’s don’t win in an open marketplace of ideas.

Anyways, here’s Peter Doocy, one of the few reporters that’s not afraid to ask Biden real questions:

Peter Doocy: Just a follow-up because you mentioned Trump a couple of times. When you went to try to help Terry McAuliffe a couple of weeks ago, before you left, you mentioned Trump 24 times. Do you still think that voters really want to hear you talking about Trump more than the issues affecting them every day?

Joe Biden: Well, the reason I mentioned Trump is, I didn’t count the times, is because the issues he supports are affecting their lives every day, and their negative impact on their lives. Thank you.

Well, they talk about every single thing except the stuff that actually affects Americans. Yep, typical Democrat.

How was that for a non-answer from a politician who’s been in Washington for almost five decades?

Biden got a question that wasn’t a softball, didn’t really answer it, then closed questioning and ran away.

I think my theory about the Des being the “real” “Trump Cult” is pretty spot-on.

And the president of the Trump Cult is definitely Joe Biden… at least he’d be qualified for that role.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Trump. Living rent free in Sleepy Joe’s head.

Why not? Plenty of room.”

“As usual he is wrong and clueless”

“Biden is so out of touch with reality. The 25th amendment “should be used now to prevent more damage to the country.”

Unless they lower the barrier Trump set their actions look really bad. Their ability to do (build back better)is failing at any attempt. Badmouthing is the only action they are capable of – specially supported by fake press.”

“Logic seems to reveal that all of that Trump Talk got those people elected.”

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