Horrifying Alert Issued After 6 Drop Dead In State Overrun With Refugees – It’s FAR Worse Than We Thought


Who knows what Barrack Hussein Obama was thinking when he decided to create his reckless immigration policies, because thanks to him we are now suffering the consequences.

As ISIS terrorists and violent Mexican gangs run wild in the US, President Trump is doing everything possible to keep the problem from escalating.

Unfortunately, Trump is having to work twice as hard to get the job done because liberal mayors and governors insist on defying federal law by proclaiming “sanctuary cities” for these dangerous people who want a free ride. And Obama is just sitting back watching the whole bomb explode from his evil creation. 

Reported by mpolitical:

Now thanks to liberals, it looks like we have far bigger problem on our hands than third world country invaders. Now in the heavily migrant-dominated area of Minnesota, there’s now a massive outbreak of a previously almost eradicated disease, that has locals in a massive panic right before the holidays.

The disgusting disease of tuberculosis keeps popping up in areas where Muslim refugees are being allowed to invade. Several months ago, a horrifying outbreak happened in San Diego county, where one doctor revealed that a whopping 21.4 percent of Muslims migrants there had the disease. The nasty disease is easily spread through the air by speaking, coughing, sneezing, or spitting, and infects the lungs.

Now unfortunately, it’s not just California dealing with widespread TB outbreaks. Six have dropped dead of the disease in Ramsey County, Minnesota, as of November 6, where this is being called the “largest outbreak in the country.” Even more disturbing is that this particular strain is completely resistant to any type of treatment.

Opposing Views reported:

An outbreak of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Ramsey County, Minnesota has infected 17 people and killed six as of Nov. 6.

The outbreak is the largest in the country.

“We’ve put a lot of resources into responding to this situation,” Kris Ehresmann, director for Infectious Disease at the Minnesota Department of Health told KMSP.

The outbreak has largely impacted members of Ramsey County’s large Hmong community. Fourteen of the infected are elderly Hmong. Ehresmann believes 10 of those people were infected at the same senior center.

“We have a large Hmong community in Minnesota, so I think it’s really important that they’re aware of the situation and attentive and monitoring what’s going on with elders,” Ehresmann said.

If you think it’s pure coincidence that this disease is popping up in densely populated areas containing Muslim refugees, then you’re living under a rock. Liberals in Minnesota love to constantly brag about the numbers of refugees they’ve brought in, where Minnesota women are now suffering devastating results of this Muslim invasion, now constantly threatened with rape by the local Somali Muslim populace.

While there’s no cure for rapists, the Director For Infectious Disease, Kris Ehresmann, is doing everything she can to contain the outbreak.  But being that this strain is resistant to antibiotics, it’s

extremely difficult to treat.

“When you have a multi-drug resistant disease what that means is the organism that’s causing the TB is now resistant to at least two of the usual drugs that are used, so it’s not that you can’t treat it, but it’s going to take second-line drugs,” Ehresmann said.

It’s not just the disease that could devastate locals, but the cost of treatment could cripple the local city’s budget. “The cost of treating drug-resistant tuberculosis is more than seven times the cost of regular tuberculosis treatment, according to KMSP. Regular treatment costs $17,000. Drug-resistant treatment costs $134,000,” Opposing Views went on.

Director of St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health, Anne Barry, told the press that she and local health officials are doing everything they can to work directly with the community.

“In our partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health, we’re really the front line,” she said. “We’re working directly with the community and with people of the community in the health department, so we have health educations, community health workers, nurses who are in and of the Hmong community, and that’s an essential part of the work that’s being done here. We’re often not trusted by people of the community, so having relationships has been essential.”

Please tell me what these Muslim migrants are contributing to our society other than bringing their third world country Sharia Law practices and their archaic diseases into our country. I’ll wait while you think about your answer.

55 thoughts on “Horrifying Alert Issued After 6 Drop Dead In State Overrun With Refugees – It’s FAR Worse Than We Thought

  1. send them back. They are NOT refugess that is a complete lie. INVADERs and will destpry the lives of many. They should have been medically tested and let in camps over in the middle east. This is Bullshit! As a taxpayer when do we get a voice in our own country? The dems are disgusting

    1. You are going to wind up just like me never getting an answer to your questions. I’ve asked for years why is it politicians find it so damn urgent that our tax dollars are spent on everybody in the world but us. If you want to take it a step further, Google the map showing every country in the world we send aid to. I did and it is unfreakin- believable.

      1. Everybody expects the US to take cscare of them. I heard on the radio yesterday that Americans have donated over 4 million dollars to help rebuild Notre Dame. To put that into perspective, the french billionaires who promised millions in aid have given exactly ZERO dollars.

        1. I understand 12,000 wealthy men and women left France because their Socialist government went after their money to support their socialist programs for the have nots; just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the bartender tried to do by taxing 90% of our nation’s wealthy. Is she a communist or what!? Does she actually believe our wealthy will remain in America while she attempts to bleed the wealthy to death?

          I would like to ask the communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to show me where in the Constitution of the United States or Federalist Papers did any of our Founding Fathers ever declared that the rich, achievers or the government MUST provide Social Security, Healthcare or any other benefits to its citizens? All they ever promised was individual freedoms for citizens to fend for themselves; they never promised us a rose garden did they?

          USAF (RET)

      2. I’ve seen the list of countries we send “humanitarian aid” to and how much each country gets. Its enough to make you want to vomit. We have no place for the mentally ill anymore; we have homeless people living among bushes and trees along the freeways; we have people who have lost jobs living in cars with their children; we have old people who are not getting enough nutritional food and who can’t afford their medications. On the other hand, we have hundreds of migrants with EBT cards at the Walmart stores…..people who can’t speak English who ask others “what does this label say?” They have cars — I drive a 20 year old car that I can’t even fill the tank with gas. They must be living somewhere — who’s paying for that when they don’t have jobs. They are wearing new clothes while I am wearing clothes that I bought 20 years ago!!! It IS FREAKIN’ UNBELIVABLE !!!

    2. We now have good medical reasons to THROW THE BUMS OUT!!! Send them to the one place on Earth where all good Muslims want to go at least once in their lives: Mecca! Just don’t let them come back. Let them become the Saudis’ problem.

    3. When my grandfather came to America, he had to spend a month or more on Ellis Island in quarantine to show he was not dangerous!

    4. Since there’s no treatment for the TB, maybe that’s a good way of getting rod of them. Where I live, there are thousands of them and they never wear shoes, they wear flip flops. Their feet are always dirty and they drag that dirt with all its bacteria into stores. The stores that are the worst are the groceries. I won’t wear anything but full shoes and sox there, and I wash the shoes with Lysol and launder the sox when I get home. I haven’t had the guts to ask the grocery store managers to make sure they disinfect the floors every night. I wish I had the guts. I see little kids in the store with flip flops and I cringe, thinking how the bacteria is getting transported back to their homes. Its amazing just how dirty human beings are, and they think wild animals are dirty. Sheeeesh.

      1. It’s they culture to be filthy, and they surely will not assimilate to Americanism. And their Muslim women will not air-out their bodies as they cover their entire body and head with rags to prevent bacteria from escaping.

        Really; you must read their Qur’an in order to justify the entire deportation of the Muslim population out of our country.

        USAF (RET)
        USAF (RET)

    5. I’ve been warning our gutless representatives about the Muslim’s domination of the world in accordance with Muhammad’s Qur’an where it clearly states…. “Fight them until Islam reigns supreme throughout the world.” I know; I’ve read their Qur’an. And I also warned that no Muslim should EVER hold any office within the United States government. I have found through ancient history that Muslims are actually STUPID! And if Americans had taken the time to read American history, they would have discovered the true motives and movement of the Democratic Communist Party (DCP). Simply put, the Democrats couldn’t care less for the United States and its citizens. Their only desire is to obtain absolute power over the United States and the full control of the American people’s lives through Saul Alinsky’s Socialist/Communist National Health Care Program.

      In order for Americans to understand the Democrat’s lust for absolute power; read George Orwell’s novel of “1984.” And if this doesn’t scare the American people, then, Abraham Lincoln’s statement will become a reality…. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because WE destroyed ourselves.” This means WE left our country and representatives unguarded to do as they please.

      USAF (RET)

    6. You are wrong. The Hmong were our best allies during the Vietnam war and when we pulled out we left them holding the bag. Subsequently they’ve suffered. To send them back would be a double betrayal. No one is more sensitive to these issues than me but there are plenty of muslim, African, and Central American migrants who need to be given a fast plane out of here.

  2. First, this is reporting something that was news 6 month ago.

    Second, there is a cure for rapists. It is a form of high-speed lead poisoning.

    1. Gort, that is an excellent idea. Follow that up with the same thing for other male members of the attacker’s family. They like ancient ways, so, use them. One person in a family commits a crime, all of them are punished. Fewer muslim males, lower incident of rape. As for the TB issue, simple answer for them that would cost a lot less. Don’t treat it. Quarrantine, yes. When they die, incenerate the bodies. This would save everyone a lot of money. As for treatment, if TB is bacterial, has anyone thought of silver? Since the obominator opened this door, he and all of his should be joined with the sufferers of this disease. He and the rest of his family can be nurses for them, without any kind of protection. He started this, he can work to finish it, or be finished by it.

  3. And STILL these idiot ‘democrat’s’ REFUSE to act, and by their inaction, the whole country is being EXPOSED to contagious outbreaks. THIS IS DISGUSTING — and it is ENTIRELY politically driven. What ever happened to the representation the American Citizen was SUPPOSED to get from his/her representatives. They’re all so busy trying to abrogate an election which is two years old that they REFUSE to attend to their DUTIES as representatives of the PEOPLE !!

  4. OK people. Why are you surprised ? The Kenyan usurper Barry Soetoro, said after he was illegally sworn in as POTUS. That he was going to “Fundamentally change the United States of America”. He did JUST THAT ! Bringing in the third world with all it’s diseases and WARPED cultures. Who he knew they would NOT assimilate. Why do you think the founding fathers put it into law that islam was not to be allowed into the country ?

    This isn’t going to end well. Just look at Europe ! That is this country very soon.

    1. I know he was King Berry to me but I did not know his last name, was that of his mother? If you , not you, them, others, listen to him, he, Berry felt we needed to be a 3rd world country to make us “equal” to whom…………..

      I am sure he is happy behind his brink walled home with millions of dollars…………… Decisions are make for us, not for THEM.

    2. You are absolutely right Terry Weston, and the Democrats are doing it to us in the form of DICTATORSHIP! And please keep this in mind; the Democrats need the illegal aliens in order to cheat on the 2020 elections.

      USAF (RET)

  5. Hmong tribesmen made brave allies to our forces in Vietnam. Similar to the Gurkhas for Great Britain. Then we pulled out and many were slaughtered by the North Vietnamese. How quickly we forget our friends?

    1. Thta is EXACTLY how it goes and continues to go. We have basically also abandoned the Kurds in the Middle East. This is OUR government, run largely by unelected far left socialists in the State Department.

  6. They wanted them and they vote in these filthy muslims let them keep them. They have no one to blame but themselves!!

  7. A hundred years ago, when immigrants arrived (legally) at Ellis Island, they were given a thorough medical exam. If they did not pass it, they were not permitted to enter this country. They would be sent back. They should be doing that at our border now, instead of letting people come in because they are making all sorts of claims. I can fully understand that they want to be here, but what about US??? There are people bringing diseases that we no longer have here and making Americans sick. Do American citizens have any rights anymore? It appears not.

    1. My Great Grandparents came through Ellis Island also. Everybody came through there. When they were finally allowed into the country, they stayed together with others from their same area in Europe (in my case it was Germany), they wandered and searched for years until they found an area they could settle in, they amassed in one area, they bought small plots of land, they built their own homes, they planted crops and gardens, they built their own schools, churches, businesses and industries. They got nothing from the government. With money from the crops, they bought more land. The land my Great Grandparents bought was taken over by my Grandparents, the land increased until by the 1930’s my Grandparents owned a whopping 400 acres. They were still living on a shoestring. Farmers have never had an easy life in America and, yet, America could not survive without the food grown by farmers.

    2. The Democrats will not stand for any sort of medical examination for illegal aliens. They need them for their illegal votes in their favor.

      USAF (RET)

      1. I’m for mass immunization for them. Bet they haven’t had baby shots, boosters or any of the chit our kids have to have.

  8. I thought the Hmong population came from the hills of SE Asia? That would probably make them Buddhists, not Muslims. I’m aware MN has communities of Somalis (and other Muslims) but, what gives? Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. John, you aren’t wrong. The Hmong were our allies against the Viet Cong and given sanctuary in the US when the NVA tried to exterminate them. The recent Muslim refugees are infecting elderly Hmong, killing them.

  9. Why not put these people ne t door to Obama, Hillary and Pelosi and Schumer! Near their kids and grandchildren!

  10. Time to look into the motives of our former POTUS, the radical MUslim Barrak H Obama.
    Time to prosecute him for TREASON, he committed by working against the best interests of this nation I immigrated to and love

    1. Too late to look into Obummers motives. We have all the proof we need. He said he would stand WITH muslims and he did just that while our elected officials sat around with their thumbs up their azz and he did just what he wanted to go with NO opposition from any one!

  11. The time has come to remove these people, and send them back where they came from. If any politician says no, the we need to remove them from office as well. The proof is that the elected officials are no longer representing to American people, so remove them Minisoda .

    1. John; We have the PERFECT solution; Vote our every dad-burned Democrat, CLOSET Democrat ( RINO, Donkephant, fence-rider), who is running for office next November! Until people stop ELECTING these vermin, the “foundation’ of our beloved nation will implode in on itself! Long before the PUPPET was bought into our White House, the glittered and littered road wave paved for the prep in our White House for the “unknown, undocumented, uneducated, uncouth (yet smooth) operator whose main job was fulfilling the agenda of those who created and “BRUNG” (sic) him IN! Lest everyone isn’t aware of how many of our “employee’s” who KNEW what and who he was (unknown to over 98% of America) when Nancy announced him, And was suppose to have VETTED him! IF an investigation (based on just what truths we know NOW) was done on HIM, his true past (left a trail of bodies that would almost rival; HRC, who would still be fighting for first place! If they had a bedpost, it would whistle our National Anthem if a floor fan hit it! HIS corrupted history would literally destroy a good (or bad) part of the earth! HE knows that, so he’s still a Puppet! Val is in the background but her influence is still very much in the foreground!
      The multi-million dollar mansion belongs to THEM, not HIM! What goes on behind IT’S walls would roast a buffalo, hide, hair and all in a few seconds! But, most Democrats, Socialists, communists and muslims know!

      1. Its all but impossible to discern the entity to whom you refer – or entities. If you had been more specific and, at least, referred to the entity by name or the locations that you immolate, it would have created a better basis on which to reply with a proper comment. That being as it may, America has raised a very destructive couple of generations of spoiled rotten, undisciplined, uneducated kids who can’t even tell you who George Washington was. They are ignorant of the political system. They don’t care about politics or the government. They believe everything they see on the Internet. They are being brainwashed by liberal teachers who were educated under liberal professors in our universities. There is the future of America. Ignorance. Undisciplined. Unconcerned. Anti-establishment. Free-wheeling, high on weed imbeciles.

  12. To ANYONE who DOESN’T think this was deliberate, READ the SIGN: “Due to ME and my Liberal, Loony, Left Liberal friends and their RABID need for VOTERS; America, who has housed, fed, took care of me, and supplied us with everything we needed to exclaim our HATRED for it! It’s Laws, it’s Constitution that we have ridiculed for being out of date, yet, has given us the RIGHT to denigrate, abuse its systems, and give it the “FINGER”! I and my comrades disrespects this amazing country’s SYMBOLS of freedom and decency, which matter not a TITTLE to ME and my friends! Our PARENTS obviously can’t stop us, so why would this country be allowed to? WE don’t CARE what happens to America! And, WE will support all the Anti-America people in our OWN lives and those in our Government! The new slogan is: “WE’VE got it MADE and WE get PAID” So why would WE care?

    1. Exactly! His minder was Valerie Jarrett. She was the real president. Obama couldn’t tie his shoes himself.

  13. how many more cases have been reported since last November? do they still give TB shots? didn’t we used to receive TB shots & isn’t that why we got rid of the disease in America? why do we keep letting these people into our country? these politicians that keep letting “diseased” people into country should let them be “housed” in their communities next to their houses, their children’s schools, their grocery stores! that will stop “housing” these people real, real fast!

  14. Obama the traitor opened the door for his evil Muslim anti-American invaders. They are not assimilating, there for they need to be stopped from entering and those already here need to be deported.

  15. You are right that obama did a lot of damafe to our nation, but the truth is the Congress (those who we elect to represent us) could easily have stopped him via passing legislation after a presidential veto, legally dry up his spending, or impeachment. But they lacked (and still do) the will, spine, personal integrity, and constitutional knowledge to do what is right for the people accirding to the Constitution. Congress is jyst as complicit.

  16. We don’t need the government to protect us from invaders; just remove the protection of the law from the lot of them. Then we will do the rest.

  17. When will the citizens of Minnesota begin an uprising? They going to wait until the state is shut down due to diseases that can kill them? The city and state officials are partly responsible for this!!!!

  18. As we can see people are outraged but know a few things before going off. The Hmong were our best allies in Vietnam. They were brave and loyal, and they’re Buddhists primarily and not muslim like the scum we’re normally having to deal with. Here in this country they follow the laws and appreciate what they have. They work for everything they get and never complain.

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