Wikileaks Just Uncovered Clinton’s Darkest Secret & It’s Worse Than We Ever Imagined

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Sean Hannity’s view of Assange has definitely dwindled over the past few years, and even in the last few months the two have not been the best of friends.

Prior to the election last year, Assange had multiple accounts of being involved in the political sphere through WikiLeaks.

Multiple sources prove WikiLeaks had published a waterfall of emails from the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. And to top it off, there were even emails from the Left which were spread by WikiLeaks right before the Democratic National Convention in July of last year.

Assange still argues however that he had no involvement in the scandal with Russia. Julian Assange released a statement that WikiLeaks was not doing anything to change the outcome of the election, but was extremely critical of Hillary Clinton.

Reported by p45dt:

Prior to the Obama administration approving the deal in 2010 (which had a lot of controversy surrounding it) to allow Moscow to gain control of a huge amount of American uranium, the United States actually had gotten wind of information specifically having to do with Russian nuclear industry officials being bribed. They also had reports of these officials being involved in extortion and money laundering which was meant to up Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States.

In addition to these key pieces of information, they had actual eyewitness accounts of Russian nuclear officials funneling millions to the United States former President Bill Clinton’s “charitable” foundation. This was all during the time that Hillary Clinton was serving the government.

Subject Politics reported that Sean Hannity and Julian Assange had been at it for a few days. Hannity confirmed it last night after the FBI uncovered a Russian Bribery Plot which actually happened prior to Obama and Hillary approving the ridiculous nuclear deal with Putin. 

The Hill also reported that the entire scheme was kept hush hush by the Obama administration following the approval of the transfer of Uranium to Russia.That’s not even the worst of it.

Hannity actually stated that this could potentially be “the biggest scandal in American History.” He also explained that Mueller has got to change focus from the Trump investigation to this scandal right away.

Watch the clip below:

The timeline is as follows:

2009: FBI Uncovers Russian Bribery Scheme in the U.S.
2010: Obama and Hillary approves Uranium One Deal
2011: Obama and Hillary approve transfer of Uranium to Russia
(Obama Dept. of Justice keeps secret details of Russia investigation)
2015: DOJ Publicly reveals Russian bribery, but charged no one

Fox News Insider reported that Hannity also stated, “Hillary Clinton and her husband sold out America to the Russians as [money] flowed to the Clinton Foundation.”

He went on to explain that for the “liberal ideologues” who are “screaming Russia” and looking specifically for collusion, it’s all right here.

It’s time for the Left to admit that the Clintons are as crooked as they are rich. And it’s time for Mueller to get his butt in gear and start investigating the biggest scandal of our time.


35 thoughts on “Wikileaks Just Uncovered Clinton’s Darkest Secret & It’s Worse Than We Ever Imagined

  1. Assange did a great job. He reported the truth about the worthless DemonCUNT, meanwhile the MSN was slobbering all over her, like they did for the nigger!

    1. Gerald,

      I totally resonate with your reasoning; however, perhaps you might want to use different verbiage.

      1. like ” for the unqualified non-American POTUS we had during the last Presidency??

        a better description would have been “This man (Obama) was never forced to prove his qualification to be POTUS, his US citizenship,

    2. I believe he used the n word because it means thief …all is true we must prosecute obama and clinton and do it now..I’m tired of delays the evidence is over whelming …guilty as sin…

    3. I understand how the Derogatory comments comes into play, But I prefer the term Kenyan Imposter!

  2. Most Americans that think for themselves are so disgusted with the way our government is making a two-tier justice system and doing so blatantly without any regard for the Oath that they took to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

  3. I LOVE Julian Assange…he tipped off Americans about the demoncrap corruption…I’m so sad that he is in jail

    1. Assange will never make it to trial. He’s like Snowden. They told the truth to awaken Americans eyes to what was going on. Now they (government) would like to make an example out of both of these men.

    1. Please note, he is legal . California gives drivers licenses to illegals and at the same time register them as democrat. Now, how about that to make an illegal president with illegal votes. AND, it happens. that Dead democrats still vote and so much more. It is common. So, she may have had more votes, but, as much the dead vote, the electoral collage did what it was supposed to do……………………represent all

      1. A recent investigation showed that 1.5 million people were on the voting rolls in L.A. county that shouldn’t be there, a mix between ineligible people and dead people. That is just the uncovering of one rock in California. When one party can lock down those voters, it gets a huge start of winning an election. One of the reasons democrats are opposed to voters being required to show identification at the voting centers is that it puts a cramp in their ability to fraudulently sway an election. Now, they are issuing ID to non-citizens and giving them the ability to vote. It’s insidious and should be unconstitutional. Non-citizens should never be able to vote in any country’s elections. Your points are right on the mark.

        1. You are so right. It would kill the democrats to have LEGAL and PROVE citizenship to only have the right to vote. It would be good to have all democrats know words other than insulting comments.

    2. Both Barack and Hillary should be accused of TREASON, their actions were in opposition to the best interest of America in the sale of some 25% of US Uranium, of which the United States has to go on the open market to satisfy it’s needs.

      This is in opposition to the best interests of these United States, for the personal benefits ot the Clintons.
      Just because POTUS Obama sanctioned the sale, doesn’t not mean that the action was not in stark conflict with US interests

      1. And Hillary, as we all know cashed in a cool $145 Mio. in rewards for this betrayal of America’s best national interests.
        That is TREASON, even if these actions were taken in the open, protected by the sycophant American Media

  4. Merlin, I totally agree with you! When??? They have so many in DC Covering their asses everyday at every turn FOR YEARS UPON YEARS!!! American government is corrupt by these selfish people that are both criminal and most of their cronies they have corrupted too! They have been allowed too long to do what they wanted period with no consequences!!! Time is up!!! They have been found out!! GO BARR!!! SIckem

    1. To everyone above, I do not care how old or sick the Clintons are (Chels worked on the charity and it she benefited from it some way. Oh, they need to look at Sorros…………………………. Oh, the clintons should have their charity money moved to a real charity………….and It is good that they took the furniture and silver and china back to the white house that they took. What low class sum bags………….wow, now they have me talking like them>>>>>> yugh

  5. I continue to be baffled by the sheer stupidity of the sheep on the left. “Foreign governments attempting to influence elections in other countries!” Does no one read history. This practice has been going on as long as there were any kind of elections. We put “agents” in foreign countries to work the public into voting the way our government wants them to for US interests, and the reverse is exactly true. Every country has agents in the countries that have their own interest to serve. Why do you think the French were involved in the Revolutionary War… fight the English on our turf….fast forward to now….those actions never stop. When you allow a blow hard politician to influence your thinking into what the truth is, you are as dumb as a sheep. And US politicians….they represent the money that put them into office, and until Trump…who doesn’t need their greasy money…he’s got enough of his own, and refuses to play the “stuff my pockets” game of the majority of all other politicians. I strongly recommend you go to and spend some time following the money……it’s amazing how pumping money into coffers changes the character of legislators!

  6. for 50 years i believed America was Right…POTUS TRUMP is the only President worth a damn in last 50 years, since Harry S Truman….maybe JFK would have been if the CIA hadn’t killed him…Deplorable Trumplican Allan Allen

    1. You are forgetting the only other POTUS worth mentioning over the last 50 years, POTUS Reagan, which was equally effective although far better in puting the MSM in place with his brand of sarcasm

  7. I don’t know who killed the Kennedy boys…………..but, I am an adorable deplorable for Trump.

    1. The “why” is something that have most folks scratching their heads. JFK had the positive of doing the right thing during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He had the horrible negative associated with the Bay of Pigs, which resulted in hundreds of deaths of Cuban nationalists. It was a lot worse than other presidential blunders since then. Like you I don’t know who was behind the killing of the Kennedy boys. Clearly, it is one of those unresolved mysteries.

    1. In 2024 you may regret Presidential term limits. Voting for term limits is voting to voluntarily abjure your rights to vote for one specific person – the person whom you might most favor. In 2024 the RNC will select their favored candidate. In 2016 that was Jeb Bush, from whom by fate we were saved. Fate and Donald Trump, who also saved us from Hillary. Will they promote another Jeb Bush n 2024? Or might you wish leave to vote for Trump again? The Democrats even proposed rescinding the 22nd Amendment – while Obama held office. I think they won’t want to do that with Trump in office, even though – once again – they’re certain they’ll beat him in the election.

  8. The “HILDA BEAST & THE WALKING WOODY” have been ripping off the American people for at least 50 years now and they have been “KILLING OFF” anyone who has anything on them for the last at least 40 to 50 years!!
    They are still wandering around trying to make themselves look relevant and useful!! Most of the people who had anything on them either got mugged and had nothing taken or they were drowned and the best one–shot themselves in the back of the head-twice!!!
    It will be a great day when they are taken out along with that “NON-AMERICAN POS” are all in jail or have an accident themselves!!!!!

  9. A woman wrote a nasty letter to Bill Clinton about his affair in the Oval office. After about twenty years she reads the book, “Clinton’s War on Women!” She then says to her husband, “What happened to you is my fault!”

  10. NOT Mueller, he was a part of the Uranium deal, trying to keep President Trump from being President was part of the cover up of the deal.

  11. The biggest scandal and crimes in American history need to be resolved by bringing the criminals to justice including Obama.

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