Biker bullies an innocent man at a bar, but the consequence is totally BRUTAL! Haha!


Here’s a story from a man who thought he was having a bad day, little did he know it was about to take an unexpected turn…

There I was is sitting at the bar staring at my drink when a large, troublemaking biker steps up next to me, grabs my drink and gulps it down in one swig.

“Well, whatcha gonna do about it?” he says, menacingly, as I suddenly burst into tears.

“Oh, come on, man,” the biker says, “I didn’t think you’d CRY. I can’t stand to see a man crying.”

“This is the worst day of my life,” I say. “I’m a complete failure. I was late to a meeting and my boss fired me. When I went to the parking lot, I found my car had been stolen and I don’t have any insurance. I left my wallet in the cab I took home. I found my wife in bed with the gardener, and then my dog bit me.”

“So I came to this bar to work up the courage to put an end to it all. I buy a drink, I drop a capsule in and sit here watching the poison dissolve; then you, you jackass, show up and drink the whole thing! But enough about me, how’s your day going?”

Think about this next time you have a bad day!

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19 thoughts on “Biker bullies an innocent man at a bar, but the consequence is totally BRUTAL! Haha!

  1. I FELL for that…and I’d heard it before…no I’m not going to poison my drink, I’ll just enjoy it again the next time my senior moment doesn’t remember it. Next time, instead of making a biker the stupid ass, make it a.n.t.i.f. or some other socialist jerk…it’d be more gratifying.

    1. Exactly. The stereotype ‘BIKER’ is about 65 years outdated. Bikers (with very few exceptions) are mostly the nicest people you will ever meet.

      1. That’s not based in fact. The OBGs are still in existence and still some of the nastiest people in earth. The attempts to curry favor by contributing some of their proceeds from crime to charities doesn’t wash.

        1. “One-percenters”, to be sure. Last time I walked inside a biker bar, seeking help for my broke-down-in-the-street car, these hulking guys with tattoos up to their ears asked me what I looked so blue about, and I told them. They provided lots of great advice, then even gave me a ride home. It made no difference to me that their every other word was “fuckin'” or a reference to bike engines. Handsome is as handsome does.

  2. And then there was the group of bikers who hassled a truck driver unmercifully until he left. The head biker said tot the bartender “wasn’t much of a man was he” to which the bartender replied “yep, not much of a truck driver either, he ran over 14 bikes on his way out of the parking lot.”

    1. LOL! I’ve heard that one before and it still surprised me and made me laugh again. Just like the 1st one.

  3. Bikers aren’t the problem. It’s little millennial Antifa children. Stop bothering people who love The USA !!!

  4. Bikers are some of the nicest people in my family! “Toys for Tots” was co-formed by my step-son. We’ve been a Harley family for multi decades! Every year before Christmas there’s a biker-run into downtown Asheville. Loaded with toys and checks for children who would otherwise not have much! Unfortunately, my son won’t be riding with them this year! He was killed when an undocumented, unlicensed young man, driving a “borrowed” truck ran a red light and took his life! He was wearing a full helmet, always obeyed the Law, and according to the Patrolman did everything right, yet in the end it didn’t matter! We’re having a “Celebration of Life” for him today! PLEASE, Guys and Gals, ride safe! The OTHER driver may ignore the rules/laws and we all suffer the consequence’s! God bless you all!

  5. This would be funny if it weren’t for the culprit being a ‘Biker”. Most Bikers I know would have stepped in to deal with the “Bully”. Bikers are mostly patriotic Americans who will come to the defense of victims. How about using an Illegal Alien, Anarchist, Muslim terrorist, or a Democrat member of the House as being the evil one. They certainly portray evil bullies in a more realistic light.

  6. Agree with posts….biker are nicest, “give u the shirt off their back” kind of people. They come from all walks of life from high end professionals to billybob plumber… Like everybody..there is good and bad in everything….don’t judge across the board. Most are kind, respectful…just relaxing, doing what they love…riddin.

  7. Those who watch movies depicting bikers are bullies or wanting to pick a fight are ignorant of reality. Great example is the movie, ” Last Ounce of Courage”, or those who remember ” Anyway but Loose”. to name a few.
    Examine the difference.

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