A Top Conservative Just Found A Huge Flaw In Fauci’s Latest B.S. Story!


Sometimes we just need a Mary Katharine to troll Fauci’s fake bedtime stories.

Now that Dr. Death Fauci is back in the mainstream. Who else wants to trust this so-called expert?

We know he has something to do with the whole pandemic. Fauci and his friends in China joined forces to create the most disturbing plot in the entire history of mankind.

Fauci’s latest appearance on CNN brings another hopeless news to everyone… He talked about all the upcoming holidays and used the opportunity to say that people won’t be able to celebrate Christmas.

We all know a lot of people who celebrated Christmas with their huge families. No one died. No one got hurt.

We don’t really think that Fauci is the real expert to stop us from hanging out with the family. He is just adding fuel to the fire set up by the mainstream media and a few top liberals.

Conservative pundit Mary Katharine Ham appeared on CNN and gave us a different approach.

Mary reminded us that Fauci told people that he “rejects” the idea that moderate/mild forms of the coronavirus are “okay.”

According to Fauci, it is not acceptable that people have a “mild” or “moderate” version of the virus.

Isn’t that what we’re told the vaccine is for?

Liberals should pick a side and stick to it.

Vaccinated people should experience milder symptoms, right?

What’s up with this Fauci guy?

Mary Katharine Ham said: “He said at an Atlantic event this week that he rejects the idea that even moderate or mild COVID infection is okay when that’s exactly what we’re told is the purpose of vax (as opposed to preventing transmission entirely). His philosophy is not compatible with a free society.”

It really is such a brilliant and simple point that Mary Katharine Ham makes here.

How can Fauci, who is feverishly promoting the vaccine, say he doesn’t “accept” mild or moderate COVID cases as an option when that’s what the vaccine that he’s feverishly promoting, offers?

I will tell you what, this guy talks in such circles at this point, and it’s all so completely political that he doesn’t even know what the hell he’s saying or which way he’s going.

None of what he or any of these “government officials” say has anything to do with “science” — buy it has everything to do with power and mail-in ballots.

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