Left to right: Alejandro Trevino, Christian Trevino, Juan Eduardo Melendez (Hidalgo County Records)

Their Stepfather Was Sexually Abusing Their Sister, What They Did Is Pure Justice!


An alleged abuser of a 9-year girl died after two Texas brothers beat him to death along with a friend who also played a role in the alleged killing. The 9-year-old was said to be the half-sister of the two brothers who were arrested for killing their stepfather.

According to the Pharr Police Department, Texas, Alexandro and Christian Trevino, aged 18 and 17 respectively, beat 42-year-old Gabriel Quintanilla and left him for dead. A third person, Juan Eduardo Melendez, aged 18, was also arrested for involvement in the crime.

Gabriel Quintanilla’s body was found by a farmer who also reported the incident to the authorities. McCallen Police Department officers arrived at the location shortly before 3 pm on Thursday. The Pharr Police Department took on the case the following day.

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The police report stated that an outcry was made after Quintanilla inappropriately touched the 9-year-old girl at an RV park located on the 1200 block of E. Moore.

Pharr Police Department news released said that “When brothers Alexandro and Christian Trevino found out, they became enraged and confronted Gabriel Quintanilla at the residence. A physical fight ensued between the three and the victim Quintanilla left the location on foot.”

Police say Christian Trevino chased Quintanilla to an apartment complex down the road, where a second assault occurred involving Alexandro Trevino and the driver of a red Dodge Charger, identified as Juan Eduardo Melendez.

The three suspects then left the location, changed vehicles, and drove back, where they found Quintanilla walking alone and injured, according to Pharr police.

PEOPLE news site reported:

The attack began at a Pharr trailer park between the two brothers and Quintanilla and then continued at a nearby apartment complex. A third attack happened, then Quintanilla was put into the bed of a white Ford F-150 and driven to the field in McAllen, where he was later found dead, per the complaint.

At a press conference Tuesday, Pharr Police Chief Andy Harvey said Quintanilla had previously been accused of continuous sexual abuse of a minor.

“That was over an unrelated case that we were made aware of in 2019, involving someone else, another victim,” Harvey said.

Harvey said the incident happened between 2014 and 2016 and detectives had enough evidence to secure a warrant against Quintanilla, but they couldn’t find him.

“The detectives went out to look for Quintanilla at that time and were unable to find him,” Harvey said. “They searched his last known residence, they went to his mother’s residence multiple times.”

“He was being elusive, obviously, and hiding from us,” Harvey said.

Only Alejandro Trevino was the one who’s not charged with capital murder charges since Christian Trevino and Melendez were the ones who delivered the blows that eventually killed Quintanilla, Pharr deputy police chief Juan Gonzalez said.

Pharr police chief Andy Harvey revealed during a press conference Tuesday that Quintanilla had a 2019 arrest warrant for allegedly sexually abusing another minor.

Watch it here: Fox 26/Youtube

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