Traitor Colin Kaepernick Was Given A Generous Football Offer, But He Made A Demand That Was Too Much For Them To….


Well, folks, it looks like Colin Kaepernick has once again turned down an opportunity to get back in the game. The controversial quarterback, who has been out of a job for years now, was offered a chance to play in the Alliance of American Football (AAF), a new upstart league. But did he take it? Of course not.

Despite his claims that he’s been blackballed by the NFL, Kaepernick has received a settlement worth millions from the league. And now, he’s had a chance to play in a professional football league again, but he decided to pass on the opportunity.

All AAF players receive a non-guaranteed contract worth $250,000 over the next three years. While it’s certainly not the multi-million dollar deals that NFL players are used to, it’s a chance for Kaepernick to show off his skills and prove that he still has what it takes to be a successful quarterback.

But instead, he chose to turn down the offer, once again reinforcing his image as a victim and refusing to take personal responsibility for his own actions.

As one of the co-founders of the AAF, Bill Polian, revealed, someone from the league reached out to Kaepernick about playing, but the former 49ers quarterback declined the opportunity.

It’s worth remembering that Kaepernick opted out of the final year of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers. In that last year, he started eleven games, but the team only won one of those games. So, it’s not entirely surprising that he hasn’t been offered a new contract from the NFL.

But with the AAF offering him a chance to play, it’s disappointing to see Kaepernick turn down the opportunity. It’s hard to escape the feeling that he’s more interested in playing the victim than in actually playing football.

This is yet another example of how Kaepernick has become more of a symbol than an athlete. His kneeling during the national anthem has made him a lightning rod for controversy, and while it’s certainly his right to protest in that way, it’s also had consequences.

It’s possible that some NFL owners have avoided signing Kaepernick because they’re worried about the backlash from fans who are offended by his protest. But that’s the risk he took when he decided to make that political statement.

Instead of blaming others for his lack of a job in the NFL, maybe Kaepernick should focus on taking advantage of opportunities like the one offered by the AAF. If he truly wants to get back in the game and show what he can do, he needs to start taking some personal responsibility and stop playing the victim card.

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