A Top 90s Movie Star Just Revealed A Strange Truth About Her Relationship With Her Son…


The famous actress who starred in Clueless as Cher Horowitz, Alicia Silverstone has built a post-Hollywood career around her vegan lifestyle and atypical parenting techniques.

Silverstone is very close to her eleven-year-old son however, she revealed one disturbing truth about something she does with her underage son on a regular basis. She recently discussed one peculiar thing she does every night with her eleven-year-old son on a podcast.

Silverstone’s eleven-year-old son, Bear, still sleeps in the same bed as his mother every single night of the week, as she revealed in the podcast episode. The veteran actress wanted to still feel motherly toward Bear and shower him with affection and love. She wants the young man to remain in her bed for as long as possible because she really loves being very close to her son.

She said, “I’m a loving mama. I believe in love, I believe in nature, and our society is scared of nature and love.”

Silverstone however acknowledged that she didn’t care what people thought of her for keeping Bear so close to her, even though they are supposed to have separate beds. Aside from that, she acknowledged she would likely face harsh criticism for revealing that her son, Bear still sleeps in the same bed as her.

She allegedly chewed his food for him before he ate it like she was some sort of mother bird. As ever since Bear was a little baby, Silverstone has been treating Bear with special attention.

She wrote as a caption of an image of Bear when he was ten months old, “He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating.”

And because she wants her son to understand where his food comes from  Silverstone is also actively raising her son as a vegan. Since it is all processed from plants, and no animals were harmed in its creation. She relishes that she is able to share a plant-based life with her son so she can be healthy and shower the boy with love and attention in all manners of life.

She had a child with her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki. In 2011, while the couple was still together, Bear was born. About seven years after he was born, they filed for divorce because of problems in their marriage that made it necessary for them to co-parent.

Although Bear still sleeps in his mother’s bed at the age of eleven, she said in a previous interview that she and her ex-husband Christopher successfully co-parent the boy and get to see him every day, helping him grow into a successful young man.

While some people think it is unhealthy for Bear to still sleep with his mom, the pair seem to have a pretty healthy life together. In addition to sleeping in his mother’s bed, Bear also practices yoga with his mommy and cooks alongside her. The mother-son duo also go on walks together and practice a vegan lifestyle.

Sources: AWM, NDTV


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