When She Started Pouring Cement Into An Umbrella There Was No Way Anyone Thought It…..


There’s an endless possibility in the DIY world when it comes to cement. You can use it for anything. You can fix up your old dingy backyard with awesome Waterflow, cement pots, or even an aquarium.

Yes, you read it right, we can turn your umbrella into an aquarium. 

In our featured DIY for today, we are using an old umbrella in making a creative cheap aquarium. You may be bothered by the use of cement, as you know it can be dangerous for your fish if the wrong kind is used. Most types of Portland cement are considered to be very safe for aquarium use, so it is possible to use it. Be cautious of any additive described as “polymer-modified” as this poses a hazard to aquatic organisms. Aside from that, you’re ready to proceed.

First, get a basin and fill it with sand. This will serve as your aquarium’s foundation. Open an old umbrella and flip it upside down. Bury the end tip to the basin of sand and make sure it is firm and secure.

Mix sand and cement with a 1:1 ratio enough for the base of your aquarium.

Add water and mix them until they’re well blended. Place the cement inside the umbrella to strengthen your base. Spread them evenly and let them dry.

Once dry, measure the umbrella panel and cut a metal mesh wire according to its shape.

Make eight pieces of these mesh wire cutouts. Position the cutouts on each panel. Get a metal wire and attach them to the rib tape using a zip tie. This will help secure the mesh wire in position.

Mix another batch of cement mix but make more of it this time.

Spread the cement mix evenly on each panel. The mesh wire acts as the ‘mold’ for the cement. You can also place aquatic rocks at the base using the cement to hold them in place. Again, let it dry.

Paint the surface with any aquarium-safe or water-proofer paints.

Note that you cannot use any spray paint in this project. Always check with your local hardware for pet-safe paints that stick to the cement to ensure they don’t peel or leach. Let the paint dry before moving on to the next step.

Once the paint is dry, move your cement aquarium where you want to place it.

Position your water pump and start filling it with water. You can place a round floater that fits the size of your umbrella and place aquatic plants around them (this video uses a water hose). Add other decors that you like but make sure to leave enough room for your fish to swim around.

You can also add other aquatic plants and organisms that your fish can feed on.

You can place plants such as Moneywort, Hornwort, Pygmy Chain Sword, Java Fern, Tiger Lotus, among others. Again, always ask your local supplier if a plant is compatible with your needs, like the water you use, the aquarium material and size, and the fish you place in it.

Lastly, transfer your fish to your new aquarium!

Watch it here: CementDIY/Youtube

Source: AWM

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