A Sick Thug Tried Beating Up A Woman In An Elevator, But He Made One Critical Mistake…


The world can be a dangerous place. Additionally, it frequently results from evil individuals doing bad things.

Most of us won’t encounter these awful folks during the course of our day. We will, however, occasionally encounter a hazardous individual.

And one woman in China experienced just this while riding in an elevator.

She was looking down at her phone and everything was good until the man came up behind her and snuck a whiff of her hair. The woman was disturbed by this, as she should have been, so she turned her head and moved away from the man.

Elevator Beatdown: Creep Harasses Petite Woman — Big Mistake

We don’t know what she said to him if anything because there is no audio on the security tape.

She steps away from the man, puts her phone in its place, and then waits uncomfortably on the side for the elevator to arrive at her floor. But the creepy dude wasn’t done yet.

He approaches the woman from behind once more and places his hand on her shoulder. The woman isn’t letting him off the hook as easily this time.

She turns to confront the would-be molester after swatting his hand away from her shoulder.

Only briefly does he return her gaze before she swings her right hand with force and solidly strikes the side of his face, stunning him and throwing him back against the elevator wall.

Elevator Beatdown: Creep Harasses Petite Woman — Big Mistake

As soon as he regains his balance and stands up straight, the woman delivers a vicious kick to his groin. When the kick lands, the man squirms in pain and crosses his arms over his knees.

Many people immediately asserted that the video was staged since the petite woman defeats the handsy male so easily and smoothly. Ignoring a couple of important details about her, they just focused on who the woman was while basically claiming that it was too good to be true. According to a story for the sports section on the Chinese portal Tencent, Du Qiao was the woman who delivered the elevator beating.

There’s a reasonable explanation however for those critics of the clip say that it’s all “too smooth.” Du Qiao is a Beijing-based TV host and actress, yes. Claiming her moves were “too tightly choreographed” to be “real.” skeptics believed the clip was nothing more than a publicity stunt, but they forgot that not only that she’s a fighting enthusiast herself, but the woman also dates a Chinese professional Muay Thai fighter.

Watch the video below:

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