WOW! It’s Getting So Bad Even RINO Cheney Is Tossing Biden Away!


Maybe Joe hasn’t met his end game yet, but this day marks Joe Biden’s worst day ever since he sits in his office.

A credible source confirms that the majority of Americans will be left behind in Afghanistan which is currently being ruled by Talibans.

Polls show how incompetent Biden is and how he makes no effort with the issue in Afghanistan, especially with the Americans who are trapped which he hasn’t provided any help.

This leads to an even worst thing for him as he is now losing all his supports.

The media who have been supporting him before has abandoned him now, the Dems who he expects to rescue him have no sign of help and even the biggest TDS loons are jumping ship.

Anti-Trump TDS whacko Liz Cheney, who has pretty much become a “Democrat,” has just thrown Biden under the bus and then backed over him a few times for good measure.

“Just asked Rep. @Liz_Cheney if she thinks it’s far to say that it appears as though the Taliban is dictating US/Biden policy in Afghanistan right now. Answer: “Yes.”

WH says US is on track to get all our people out by 8/31.

Does she think that’s accurate? “Absolutely not.””

Well, you know things are bad when you lose a swamp rat and warmonger like Liz Cheney.

This is only the beginning, more and more people will turn their back on Joe, I just can’t imagine how worse it is for him.

I only cited one worst scenario that might be happening, that Obama would come out and slams him on his face.

For now, he got Barry who’s doing the dirty work for him, but once it happens, and Obama pipes up, Joe is a goner.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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