What This 100 Year Old Veteran Just Confessed Is Totally Heartbreaking!


A 100-year-old veteran is going viral for giving an emotional interview ahead of Independence Day to his local Fox affiliate where he broke down and cried about the state of America.

Much of what American soldiers fought for in World War II has “gone down the drain,” according to U.S. Marine Carl Spurlin Dekel, who celebrated his 100th birthday while mourning the lost country he fought for during WWII.

Here’s what Dekel said to his local Fox affiliate:

“People don’t realize what they have. The things we did and the things we fought for and the boys that died for it, it’s all gone down the drain.”

“We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised, not at all. Nobody will have the fun I had. Nobody will have the opportunity I had. It’s just not the same and that’s not what our boys, that’s not what they died for.”

Dekel is proud of his service to his nation, being part of the Greatest Generation who fought fiercely to fend off totalitarianism and protect our country from foes abroad. He states adamantly that he would serve his country again today if he had to.

“It was an honor for me to serve my country, and if I had to do it again and I was the same age. I would do it. I guarantee you,” but he also reflects on the fear and uncertainty that came with service.

“We were scared all the time. I don’t care what anybody says. We were vulnerable all the time, since Pearl Harbor, particularly.”

Yet, in spite of this pride in service, Dekel breaks down in a heartbreaking display when he discusses the current state of the nation.

Dekel broke down in tears as he gave a heartbreaking assessment of the state of the country he fought for 80 years ago, saying ‘it’s going to hell in a hand-basket.’

“I’ve lived a good life. I’ve had a lot of love and happiness.” Dekel stated.

“I sincerely believe in this whole world, that everything is beautiful,” he continues.

“But people don’t realize what they have. They b–ch about it.” Dekel goes on, visibly upset. “And then nowadays, I am so upset that the things we did and the things we fought for and the boys that died for it, it’s all gone down the drain. Our country’s gone to hell in a handbasket. We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised. Not at all. Nobody will have the fun I had; nobody will have the opportunity I had.”

“That’s not what they died for,” he says, on the verge of tears.

100 Percent Fedup noted:

This interview may be intense to watch, as a 100-year-old veteran breaks down talking about how different our country is now from when he fought for it. How much worse, in his opinion, things are. And how much was sacrificed for a dream which did not see fulfillment.

This Independence Day, think about how much has been sacrificed in the name of this great nation. In the name of the American dream. Dekel’s generation was neither the first nor the last to fight and sacrifice for our future as Americans, and certainly, he is not the only veteran who feels the nation has gone downhill since his youth.

Sources: 100percentfedup, Fox13

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