A Cop Found A Homeless Family Living In A Car, And Told One Of The Daughters To Step Out…


A Huntington Beach Police Department officer went viral after one of their official duties led to a pleasant but unexpected end.  The Police Officer was captured in a heartwarming clip with a little homeless girl on the street of Huntington Beach.

It all started when a vigilant homeowner grew increasingly uneasy about a family that seemed to be lingering in the neighborhood.  Before finally deciding to contact the police, the concerned resident closely monitored the family’s movements first. That’s when an officer showed up to investigate the situation, but the Officer who goes by the name Zach Pricer stumbled upon a family in his town who were homeless that struck a chord deep within him. He immediately noticed the young girl in the car and wasted no time in instructing her to step out. The little girl then eagerly complied with the law enforcement official’s directive, as soon as the officer told her to “hop to it” and get a move on.

The Huntington Beach Police Department shared an update on their Facebook page, following the event. On their Facebook page, they wrote:

This morning an officer looked into a suspicious vehicle parked near Graham and Edinger. The officer’s investigation revealed that the occupants of the car were a mother and her 11-year-old daughter, who had been forced to live out of their vehicle.”

As the family awaited assistance from the Homeless Task Force, Officer Pricer took it upon himself to keep the young girl engaged in positive activities. He asked her to leave the only home she had known in recent times – the family car – and initiated a game of hopscotch with her.

Officer Pricer was aware of the intimidating presence he projected to the little girl. Not only had someone called the police on her family because they were struggling, but she also feared that the officer was there to separate them. Fortunately, Officer Pricer was quick to reassure the girl, letting her know that he was only there to help her family overcome their challenges.

While the officer coordinated housing arrangements with the mother, his colleague, Officer Pricer, demonstrated his hopscotch prowess to the daughter.

Officer Pricer successfully defused a tense situation by connecting with the 11-year-old girl through a game of hopscotch. The young girl, who had never played the game before, was taught the rules by the towering officer, who even provided her with some winning tips.

A Facebook user commented on the touching scene, saying, “Very sweet, but the officer is out. You can’t use your hand to balance when picking up the marker. Way to go, Officer Pricer, you’re a good man.”

Though Officer Pricer may not have been the most elegant hopscotch player in Huntington Beach, he undoubtedly used his authority as a law enforcement officer to support a vulnerable young girl. The Huntington Beach police were ultimately successful in securing assistance from the Homeless Task Force for the family, providing them with temporary relief from life on the streets.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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