What Biden’s Flash Cards Revealed Is Absolutely Disturbing!


The so-called great President Joe Biden does was to lie…as always.

So it’s no surprise that his cheat sheet in England is mainly Trump-bashing.

Joe Biden, the creepy and corrupt president, was in England this week. Based on his current state of senility, we’re not sure if he even knew he was there or if he’ll ever recall it.

His entire campaign and administration have been built on a foundation of lies. So it’s no surprise that Biden’s notes were also full of lies.

The entire event was a train wreck as his crew attempted to save his fictitious persona on the world stage.

Only the date on his card does not appear to be a fabrication and is most likely there so he can remember what day it is.

One of Biden’s cards in England, according to a closeup from OAN, said:

DOJ Talking Points

Trump abused power/ Trump DOJ out of control.

Now we have to clean it up.

Blah, blah, blah.

Biden carries such simple notes, a fact of reflection of how far gone he is.

To describe the Department of Justice as Trump’s or as reflecting Trump’s principles is the greater sin here.

During the Trump administration, we quickly realized that the Department of Justice was just as corrupt as any other government agency. They fabricated lies and spied on the candidate and then-President Trump for years in an attempt to sabotage his election and take down his administration. Then, after four years of constant DOJ attacks, foreign and Deep State crooks collaborated to steal the 2020 election, easily the worst crime of the previous century. This was even more disgusting than the bogus Mueller investigation. The Department of Justice then did little to investigate the election fraud at the end of President Trump’s first term, instead of focusing on setting up and attacking Trump supporters.

We also know that Trump annihilated Biden in the 2020 election, and there’s no chance Biden received 81 million valid votes, the majority of Trump supporters are aware that the Justice Department is corrupt and that the 2020 election was stolen.

The entire administration of Biden/Obama and the production is a disaster. They lie about everything while tearing the country apart and making a fool of themselves on the world stage.

Biden did not receive 81 million votes, as the entire world knows.

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