BLM Protesters March to NYPD Union President’s House to Protest Union’s Trump Endorsement. They’re Met By a Swarm of Cops [VIDEO]

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As reported by Steven Ahle| BLM thought it was going to be another easy one for them. They would march to New York City Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch’s home to protest the fact that the union endorsed President Trump in the November election. But, then again they have always counted on a Democratic mayor to issue a stand down order.

This time it was different… Much different.

Dozens of BLM protesters descended non Lynch’s home but when they got close, they were unpleasantly surprised. Off duty cops sealed off the block to prevent them from getting close to the union president’s house.

BLM, thanks to Bill de Blasio, the faux mayor of NYC, they have been allowed to riot, loot, shootings and other various crimes without any opposition whatsoever. But, in an arena where de Blasio does not hold sway, not so much. New York cops are tough when they are allowed to do their job and BLM did not try to test their resole. That was a wise decision on their part.

Lynch said this about the union’s endorsement of the president:

“I cannot remember when we’ve ever endorsed for the president of the United States until now — that’s how important this is. We need your strong voice across the country.”

While BLM, antifa and Democrats are gung ho about defunding the police, the police and the citizens are not quite so enamored with the idea. If someone is breaking into your home, who do you want answering the call? The police, BLM, antifa or a Democrat. Don’t bother answering, that was a rhetorical question.


From The Blaze

“New York City police officers will protect your right to protest wherever it can be done safely and legally, including in front of my house,” Lynch said in a statement, NY1 reported. “But these protestors should realize they are wasting their time. Their campaign of harassment and intimidation might have the politicians running scared, but it will have zero impact on the PBA.”

NY1 reported that Lynch’s neighbors said the protest, which they characterized as mostly peaceful, caught them by surprise and involved vulgar language.

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