Yet ANOTHER State Is Getting Ready To Audit!


Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Senate is now considering an investigation into how last year’s presidential election was conducted, this made after the footsteps of Arizona’s Senate Republicans. This is a quest fueled by former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that fraud was behind his loss in the battleground state.

The planned audit will be like the same process that took place in Arizona.

A private briefing was led by Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano.

Here’s an excerpt from AP report:

Any Senate-issued subpoenas for an Arizona-style “election audit” will face strident opposition from Democrats, legal questions, and almost certainly challenges in Pennsylvania’s courts, as battles over election laws rage through swing states and Congress, spurred on by Trump’s falsehoods. 

Senate Republicans have been mostly silent about their internal deliberations. 

Sen. Doug Mastriano, a rising force in Pennsylvania’s ultra-conservative circles who has talked of his desire to bring an Arizona-style audit to Pennsylvania, led a private briefing Wednesday for Republican senators on his plan.

In Arizona, the state Senate used its subpoena power to take possession of more than 2 million ballots and the machines that counted them, along with computer data.

Mastriano also solicited legal advice from a Philadelphia-based law firm about the Senate Republican caucus using private money to finance consultants and lawyers. The law firm’s response letter, dated Tuesday, was obtained by The Associated Press.

In the letter, the law firm discussed the legality of using money from a private, nonprofit organization “to pay expenses for vendors, including a consultant and counsel” as part of an “oversight investigation” of the 2020 election led by the low-profile committee that Mastriano chairs.

“While we cannot predict how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would decide the issue, in our opinion, to a reasonable degree of legal certainty, Pennsylvania law does not prohibit the Caucus or Committee from accepting or benefiting from such financial support,” lawyer Bruce S. Marks wrote.

The letter said, “the purpose of the investigation is to develop legislation which will enhance voter participation and election integrity.” 

Subpoenas will be issued by Sen. Mastriano if he was able to get a majority vote of his committee to commit.

He could demand voting machines, ballots, and other records about the election.

There are 992,467 possible illegal votes in Pennsylvania. That is 12x more than Biden’s victory margin. Dr. Peter Narvarro of “Navarro Report” said.

Below are the broken down numbers from the Navarro report:

Absentee ballots cast that arrived after election day: 10,000 (btw this is grossly understated because it comes from the Democrats running the garbage election)

Absentee ballots cast from addresses other than where voters legally reside: 14,328

Absentee ballots cast that were returned on or before the postmark date: 9,005

Dead voters: 8,021

Double voters: In-state: 742

Out-of-state voters who voted in-state: 7,426

 Over-votes: 202,377

Poll watcher and poll observer abuses: 680,774

Voters over 100 years old: 1,573 

Let us hope that this should be true. It’s likely a full forensic audit would identify around a million fraudulent ballots in the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, AP News


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