WOW! Tucker Carlson Has Gone Completely Scorched Earth!


Fox News host Tucker Carlson was on vacation when the FBI raided Trump’s Florida home last week. The timing is uncanny, but after coming back on Monday night, boy did he have a lot to say.

Carlson blasted the Biden administration Monday night for using law enforcement to target its political adversaries, most recently with the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home.

Carlson perhaps thought that his vacation time would coincide with a slow late-summer news week, but upon his return to his prime-time FNC program, he delivered a 25-minute monologue about the FBI raid at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

“Despite superficial appearances, the raid on Mar-a-Lago was not an act of law enforcement. It was the opposite of that. It was an attack on the rule of law. It was a power grab,” he said.

Here’s a partial transcript, via FOX News:

Nuclear secrets? If the Biden administration really believed that, if they really thought Donald Trump possessed documents that posed an imminent danger to American national security, then you have to wonder, why did they wait a year and a half to do anything about it?

Why did they wait till 90 days before a midterm election, an election that polls suggest they will lose? It doesn’t make, oh, wait, actually, it does make sense.

In fact, the question answers itself. Despite superficial appearances, the raid of Mar-a-Lago was not an act of law enforcement. It was the opposite of that. It was an attack on the rule of law. It was a power grab.

As Matt Boose put it recently, in American Greatness, the raid on Trump’s home “was exactly what it looks like, a show of force against the opposition leader by the head of state and his personal bodyguards. If this happened in, any other country would immediately be denounced as the act of a dictator.”

That’s true, but it’s hard to hear those words anyway. As an American, you don’t want to believe it and yet here are the essential facts. The same week the Biden White House announced that Joe Biden will definitely seek a second term as president, the same week, the Biden Justice Department launched an armed raid against Biden’s main rival in that same presidential election.

That’s what happened. Pause for a minute. If The New York Times told you that something like that was going on in Chad or the Gambia, what would your reaction be?

You’d probably say to yourself, “Thank God I don’t live in a place like that, a country where politicians used armed men to cling to power.” Oh, but you do live in a country like that. You do. The evidence is all around us. We just don’t want to see it.

Carlson also castigated the corporate media, including MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, for spewing the talking point that no one, including an ex-president, is above the law.

Trump lawyers and the DOJ are headed to court on Thursday over a dispute about the release of the affidavit supporting the raid which the Biden administration wants to keep under wraps.

Millions of Americans are disgusted by what they see happening in the country right now. Things need to change and fast.

Watch the whole thing here: FoxNews/Youtube

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, FOX News

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