They Got The Monkeypox Vaccine, And They Said The Side Effects Are Absolutely…


As California continues to grapple with yet another viral disease, monkeypox, residents have a lot of questions surrounding the newest vaccine health officials are urging some to roll up their sleeves to get.

Monkeypox continues to spread throughout the U.S., and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging people who are at risk of the disease to get vaccinated.

But people who get vaxxed by the monkeypox vaccine recently, reported some disturbing side effects, according to a CBS News report.

The monkeypox vaccine once injected into the body, produces side effects similar to the flu shot or even the COVID-19 vaccine, or much worse.

DJ Stewart share his experience to CBS News about the horrible itching he felt after he received his second shot of the monkeypox vaccine.

“So at first, there was nothing. It just kind of looked like — right after the shot — was just a mosquito bite. Later that evening, I really started itching,” Stewart said.

“I really didn’t sleep well Monday night because every time I’d fall asleep I would wake up, and my arm would be itching,” he said. “My arm was fevered, it was hot to the touch and did swell up quite a bit.”

“Instead of getting a shot in the fat or muscle of the arm, DJ’s shot was just under the skin of his forearm,” according to CBS. “That’s how the health department is administering them now.”

Watch the video below:

One user wrote on Twitter that he had an adverse reaction and even his doctor was confused.

Another user shared pictures of the side effect.

Another wrote, “A few hours after I received my shot I felt like my lymph nodes were starting to swell but that dissipated the next day. My only lingering reaction is a red & swollen injection site.”

You can continue reading the original piece HERE.

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