WOW! Lauren Boebert Just Took Nancy Pelosi Straight To The Woodshed!


Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, shouted out “You put them in — 13 of them,” toward the end of Biden’s first State of the Union speech while he was talking about Afghanistan.

Boebert was apparently referencing the 13 service members who died during the U.S. evacuation from Afghanistan last year because of Biden’s weak leadership.

“Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan faced many dangers…When they came home, many of the world’s fittest and best-trained warriors were never the same: Headaches, numbness, dizziness, cancer that would put them in a flag-draped coffinm,” this the time when Boebert shouted while Biden discuss burn pits (the same part of his speech where Pelosi started bizarrely rubbing her knuckles together and standing up).

Later on, Boebert explains his recent remark with Biden:

“When Biden said flag-draped coffins, I couldn’t stay silent. I told him directly he did it. He put 13 in there. Our heroic servicemen and women deserve so much better.”

Brandon must have been thinking about getting to return to his basement and the nice rocking chair where he can drape a shawl over his knees. He didn’t seem to notice, as he didn’t respond.

On other hand, Pelosi did hear Boebert, and guess what she was not pleased about Boebert’s remark, giving a press conference on how upset she was about it later, turning a minor incident into a major squabble; watch that here:

Here’s what Pelosi says:

“I agree with what Sen. Lindsey Graham said, ‘Shut up.’ That’s what he said to them. They should just shut up.”

The probably gay RINO Sen.Lindsey Graham should be embarrassed that Pelosi is using him to attack Boebert. Pelosi should be embarrassed she couldn’t even come up with something original to say. It was a dumb enough conference for one conservative Twitter account to post “she sounds drunk again,” referencing the frequent (but false) rumor that Pelosi was drunk while giving one speech.

In response to Pelosi, Boebert said:

“So Fancy Nancy is upset about me speaking out at the State of the Union. What’s she so torn up about? I will not “shut up” about Biden’s failure in Afghanistan and the 13 heroes we lost because of it.”

More of this news from 100percentfedup:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the conservative firebrand from Georgia, hit Pelosi too, as Fox reports. She, hammering Pelosi in a statement to that outlet, said, “Outgoing Speaker Pelosi should worry about members of her own caucus, like the squad, who were just as unhappy with Biden’s speech as I was.”

Beyond that criticism, Pelosi might have wanted to get someone else to attack Boebert for a breach of decorum, as Pelosi’s the one that tore up her copy of Trump’s speech during his last State of the Union address.

Calling out breaches is one thing; though no one really cares, it’s an effective tool to bludgeon the other side with. But not if one of your most famous moments came when you committed just such a breach on live tv; that hypocrisy is noticeable to even the average voter.

Boebert’s remark wasn’t as heroic as she claims, but nor is it as bad as Pelosi and pearl-clutching friends of hers like Lindsey Graham pretend. It was a remark Biden deserved to hear that America deserved to hear; those 13 heroes need to be remembered.

Sources: 100percentfedup, FoxNews

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  1. Every Foreign and Domestic policy blunder is directly and intentionally caused by Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe. The blood is on corrupt Quid Pro and the liberal commie Democrat’s hands. the faster the voters realize that corrupt Quid Pro and the liberal commie Democrats are out to hurt the U.S. and it’s citizens, the better off America will be. The only option the citizens have is to vote all these corrupt politicians out of office.

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