When The Gov Left The State, The Lt. Gov Did Something Absolutely AMAZING For Patriots!


We reported earlier this week that My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell had been invited to the Republican Governor’s Dinner in Nashville, TN, only to be notified by the event organizer that he had been uninvited after checking in and receiving his VIP credentials. Governors Kemp (R-GA) and Ducey (R-AZ) are to blame for preventing Mr. Lindell from attending the dinner because they are afraid he will call them out on their refusal to solve the election fraud issue in their states.

Governor Brad Little of Idaho attended a two-day Republican Governors Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, who is running against him for governor in 2022, signed an executive order banning masks in Idaho while Governor Little was in Nashville.

Janice McGeachin shared photographs of her executive order on Twitter, along with the accompanying statement:

As acting Governor of Idaho, I signed an Executive Order today barring the state and its political subdivisions — including public schools — from enforcing mask mandates in our state, in order to defend the rights and liberties of individuals and businesses. #idpolution

McGeachin’s directive was received by the Secretary of State’s office on Thursday morning, according to the office. The executive order took effect at 11 a.m. MT on Thursday, and it affects all government buildings except hospitals, health-care facilities, and federal buildings.

McGeachin expressed her concern over children being compelled to wear masks in classrooms on Thursday morning.

Idaho Reports spoke with McGeachin. She responded no when asked if she was concerned about children under the age of 12 who aren’t currently eligible for the vaccine, “It’s just especially hard for me to see the little kids being forced to wear a mask in school.”

“That’s not the population that is at risk,” She went on to say that nothing stops teachers from wearing masks if they choose to.

What was McGeachin’s reasoning for waiving the mask requirement while Governor Little was in Nashville?

Governor Little said on May 11 that Idaho would no longer participate in any federal pandemic unemployment compensation programs, informing Idaho people, “It’s time to get back to work!”

In his official statement, Little told Idaho residents: “Employers are telling me one of the big reasons they cannot recruit and retain some workers is because those employees are receiving more on unemployment than they would while working. We see ‘Help Wanted’ signs everywhere. Idaho has the strongest economy in the nation, and we are a top 10 state for best employment, but there is more we can do. It’s time to get back to work,” Governor Little said. “My decision is based on a fundamental conservative principle – we do not want people on unemployment. We want people working. A strong economy cannot exist without workers returning to a job.”

In his May 11 statement, the Governor also stated that he is recommending that individuals continue to wear masks in accordance with CDC rules, which have now altered, allowing vaccinated persons to go maskless. Unlike Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who knowingly ordered COVID-infected individuals into nursing homes in their states, he just requires wearing a facial covering in nursing homes, or “long-term care institutions.”

Governor Little made the following statement on May 11:



Governor Little declared on January 20 that he would direct the State Board of Education to alter its high school athletic plan to accommodate additional spectators at sporting events.

Governor Little advised Idahoans on October 15 to exercise PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their own and others’ safety. He urged folks to take more personal steps to slow the virus’s spread and protect lives and economic development.

“Our personal actions work better to slow the spread of coronavirus than anything else. Our personal actions are free of cost and a minor sacrifice relative to the rewards,” Governor Little said. “This is about personal responsibility – something Idaho is all about. Wear a mask. Watch your distance from others. Wash your hands. Do these things so our kids can stay in school, our loved ones stay safe, and our economy can continue to prosper.”

Although the Lt. Governor’s executive order appears to be brave, it also appears to be a political stunt. It’s critical to look into the behavior of the person you choose to head your state. We would give Governor Little good ratings for his management of the COVID outbreak thus far, based on what we’ve seen.

Governor Little could have and should have followed in the footsteps of Governors DeSantis (FL) and Abbott (TX) and announced that masks are no longer required in the state, but in his May 11 statement, he is only recommending citizens wear masks, which is a far cry from mandates imposed on citizens by hypocritical Democrat governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, who continues to destroy businesses over her stance on climate change.

Last week, a photo was shot of Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer sitting maskless at a full table in a neighborhood bar, while imposing dictatorial limitations on citizens of Michigan, including the requirement that they wear masks and a limit on the number of people per table.

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