This Flight Attendant Has Sex With A Fifteen Year Old Child, And They Let Her Go One Week….


Thanks to her attorney’s excuse, an ex-flight attendant and former school official who was convicted of having sex with an underage male student were released after a week, despite being sentenced to a year and a half in prison.

Melissa Nosti, 33, worked as an attendance officer at a school in northern Sydney, Australia, before landing a position as a stewardess with Tiger Air. Melissa, however, can easily capture one student’s interest, as being an attractive woman and was surrounded by hormonal teenagers.

Melissa Nosti

At the time, she was 23 years old. She fully exploited her authority and invited the young teen to have sex with her rather than discouraging the student.

Melissa’s secret fling affair with the teen came to light a few years after she quit her work at the school. The fiery blonde was exposed as having a sex connection with a 15-year-old boy at the school where she worked. The romance apparently started before Nosti graduated from the university and started working as a flight attendant for Tiger Air.

She was sentenced to 18 months in prison with a six-month no-parole period shortly after being arrested and after pleading guilty to sexual assault.

However, her attorney was able to successfully file a bail petition after she was only detained for eight days. According to a doctor’s assessment, Melissa was at “low risk” of repeating the same act, her attorney told the court.

The lawyer said:

“She has had an employment history after this. She was in the airline industry.”

Before releasing Melissa on bail, Judge Susan Horan deemed the victim impact statement from her victim to be “compelling.”

Melissa Nosti

She was subsequently released by the court while awaiting an appeal hearing.

Despite being freed, Melissa is subject to a number of restrictions while living in the community. One cell phone and providing her password upon request by the police are two requirements of the bond. She must also refrain from speaking with the victim or anyone else who is younger than 16.

Lastly, she must remain at her residential address in Ryde, and she’s not to move or stay overnight anywhere else. To remain free, Nosti must fulfill the conditions of her bail. Many are concerned that not only did she get away with her crimes, but that it may set a precedent for future sexual offenders.

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