Another Texas Sheriff Is Taking A Huge Stand Against Illegal Immigration!


As our battle continues with illegal aliens coming into our borders, this Texas Sheriff just made himself loud and clear – illegals won’t be taken lightly – and he will do it himself if Biden will not do something.

Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney County, Texas, has taken it upon himself to handle President Joe Biden’s border crisis — a crisis that continues to spiral out of control.

The United States’ southern border has indeed seen an unprecedented surge in traffic, mostly due to illegal aliens attempting to cross over in record numbers.

Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo interviewed last week the husband and wife ranchers in Kinney County, Texas.

During her interview, Paul Schuster broke down when his wife Donna explained how she could no longer walk around their ranch without carrying a pistol because of the constant stream of dangerous illegal aliens traveling around and through their ranch

Watch it here: Fox News/Video

During an interview with The Gateway Pundit on Monday, Coe announced he would be deputizing 10 local citizens to help rescue his county from the crisis.

To fill out the 10 spots, Coe is looking for “those that have some kind of either police or military experience.”

Coe further pointed out that the federal government’s failures have left local law enforcement at the border with no choice but to take the matter into their own hands.

“As far as taking it into our own hands, the border patrol … we didn’t have much a choice,” Sheriff Coe told The Gateway Pundit.

“The border patrol was completely overwhelmed at the time, thousands of people coming, just turning themselves in, that wanted to get caught, created this problem.”

The last few months have seen the border crisis continue to deteriorate.

Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up and Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit interviewed Sheriff Coe and Brent Smith about their plan and how they are in the initial stages of implementing it.

According to Sheriff Coe, his deputies have encountered illegal aliens from over 151 countries. Coe explained that illegal aliens seeking asylum are going into neighboring Val Verde County, where they are being processed and shipped across the country, while criminals who are unable to qualify for asylum are making their way into his county, causing him to make a historic decision to deputize citizens to defend them.

Watch the interview here: Youtube/Gateway Pundit

Source: 100percentfedup

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