Why They Won’t Let This Good Priest Preach The Good Word Is Absolutely Sinful!


Democratic cult’s followers are getting worse, Biden’s mandates became their golden rules to follow.

The Biden administration has heavily influenced most of the branches of the Government when it comes to their hypocrisy and lack of integrity.

This time around, their influence extends to churches.

Recently,  Father Larry Huber, a priest of Saint Gerard Majella in St. Louis, was forced out and placed on a three-month sabbatical from parish ministry for his conservative stance within the Catholic church and for not wearing a facemask.

If this was Biden, he is still allowed to play with babies and make women uncomfortable without wearing a mask.

It all started when a group of liberal parishioners has reached out to the archbishop to complain that Father Huber wasn’t wearing a mask during his service. I can not imagine how hard it is to give your homily while wearing a mask. Such a nutshell.

A reader shared with Gateway Pundit his conversation with Father Huber. Here’s an excerpt from the email:

“We just spoke to Father Huber who was placed on a 3 month sabbatical for his conservative stance within the Catholic Church, as he was packing his car. He said that he met with Archbishop Rozanski and he did not want to hear anything that Father Huber was saying.

Father Huber said that as a priest, he is the spiritual representation of God and you don’t cover up God.

Archbishop Rozanski didn’t want to hear about the fact that Father Huber also has Covid antibodies (he’s been tested and retested for antibodies) because he had COVID earlier in the year.

A group of liberal parishioners contacted him often to complain about him not wearing a mask and also went to the archbishop to complain that he wasn’t wearing a mask.”

This has really ridiculed the fact that Father Huber was one of the visionaries behind the Community of Transcendent Men in Jefferson County, a ministry to help men develop their roles as leaders at home, community, and Church. He also is a fourth-degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

Sadly, Archbishop Rozanski will be appointing a new pastor who will likely come to Saint Gerald’s on November first as it is likely that Saint Gerard Majella parish stated that Father Huber will be leaving SGM – at least for the near future.

Coughing live on your speech does not get you into trouble, but preaching does. Shame

Source: TheGatewayPundit

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