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Why Did Biden’s OMB Pick Just DELETE Thousands Of Tweets?


While it is perfectly fine to disagree with people that you might have to deal with in a professional capacity, it’s never a good idea to out and out burn the bridge.

You never know when you might be working together again, and the insults may come up.

I remember once I posted something online and was tapped for a writing project and in the selection process a review I wrote for a product online. They wanted to know if I could still be impartial. I have to ask, there are a lot of people that are going to be getting jobs from Joe Biden in government now that have REALLY ripped him a new one in the past. How is he going to be able to trust them?

Joe Biden’s pick to head the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, was briefly popular with everyone because, hey, woman power.

That lasted about 10 seconds, and then her social media accounts came under scrutiny — and suddenly, her membership in the distaff gender was forgotten.

Tanden, a former aide to Hillary Clinton and Obama-era Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, is coming in from the cold after spending four years as a CNN analyst and with the left-wing think-tank Center for American Progress, which she helped found and led as its president.

During her time in the woods, she also developed a reputation as a problematic Twitter user, making her an interesting choice for a party that’s been braying about President Donald Trump’s Twitter account for years.

But she’s deleted a lot of those tweets — so everything’s good now, right?

According to the New York Post, Tanden deleted over 1,000 tweets between Nov. 1 and now. A number of those tweets include insults thrown at Republican senators; if Biden does assume the presidency and the GOP still controls the upper chamber after the Georgia runoffs in January, this makes her nomination a difficult sell.

Tanden currently has 87,500 tweets on her account, according to the Post. While that’s already an impressive number (or depressing, depending on your view), consider that she had 88,639 previously, according to The Daily Beast.

Unsurprisingly, she’s particularly irked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whom she’s called “Moscow Mitch” in a tweet. McConnell has taken umbrage at Democratic smears, derived from wild claims on the left that he’s a “Russian asset,” calling it “modern-day McCarthyism.”

In another Twitter post shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Tanden wrote that that “I’m glad McConnell is fiddling, while the markets burn,” the New York Post reported.

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