Why Are Canadian Cops Refusing To Show Who They Are?


Following the Canadian convoy protest, Canadian police have seen in videos that were shared from social media how they are selling out their own countrymen while hiding their identity as they removed their Badge IDs or names on their uniforms.

And since there’s already no way of identifying them they have been more violent and even assaulted dozens of truckers and other demonstrators part of the freedom convoy.

More information from the Must Read Alaska report:

Footage on social media shows unrest continuing in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, as police have moved in horses, have smashed truck windows, and arrested more than 200 people involved in the Freedom Convoy, a trucker-led protest against government tyranny.

As many as 60 vehicles have been towed, according to official reports.

Ottawa Police wrote that they will financially ruin and prosecute anyone involved with the protest, essentially making protest illegal in Ottawa and enacting ex post facto law, punishing people for their political beliefs.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges,” Ottawa police said.

One woman was trampled by police on horseback who barged through a crowd standing in protest on Friday. The woman, a Native woman who was on a walker, was seriously injured, according to the police’s watchdog agency, the Special Investigations Unit. She is recovering in the hospital. She was filmed saying, “This is what we are doing it for. So we can have peace, and love and happiness,” just before she was trampled by the horses.

Here’s another video of the ruthless action of Trudeau’s lackey:

Sources: We Love Trump, Must Read Alaska

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