WHOA: A Judge Has Been Found Dead During An Investigation Into Sex Trafficking That….


An embattled former Las Vegas judge, who resigned from the bench in 2021 after facing an ethics investigation, died by suicide Friday.

It seems anyone who’s trying to expose sex trafficking rings in the United States ends up dying. Just like what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, and his partner in crime Ms. Maxwell, they were both killed in prison.

Now, this judge who is about to expose and start an investigation into the sex trafficking ring allegations was found dead.

It’s no coincidence, there are powerful people behind all this…we’re not sure yet who, but the pattern and evidence will soon lead us to the mastermind.

More details of this report from The Gateway Pundit:

A former Las Vegas Judge committed suicide a year after she resigned from her position after facing an ethics investigation.

Per the Clark County coroner’s office, Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to Andress-Tobiasson, she resigned in an attempt to avoid a complicated ethics investigation that started when she attempted to rescue her daughter from being allegedly sex trafficked.

Andress-Tobiasson’s troubles began when her 16-year-old daughter started to work at Top Knotch, a clothing store that Andress-Tobiasso believed was running a prostitution ring that would recruit teenage girls.

In an act she believed would protect her daughter, Andress-Tobiasso reached out to local law enforcement to warn them about the store owner at the time, but she claimed she received no action.

This led to to Abdress-Tobiasso to reach out to Federal investigators which resulted in the Nevada’s Judicial Discipline Commission to launch an investigation into Andress-Tobiasso for breaching judicial rules.

More details of the probe behind this tragic incident as reported by The New York Post:

Andress-Tobiasson said she had to go to the FBI with the information after being ignored by local police — which resulted in officers investigating her for allegedly breaching judicial rules by making an allegation to federal agents.

A complaint filed against Andress-Tobiasson alleged that she failed to comply with and uphold the law, and allowed family interests and relations to influence her conduct, the Daily Mail reported.

Valentine the man behind the store Andress-Tobiasson believed was a prostitution ring would later be convicted of a burglary charge and be a person of interest in a double homicide.

Sources: TheBeltwayReport, The New York Post

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