White House Source Just LEAKED What Biden REALLY Thinks About Americans Trapped In Afghanistan!


Yes, things are pretty bad for the Biden Administration as his legacy has been shamed, now he tries to move on.. with the stranded American citizens in Kabul airport.

Hearing how President Joe Biden handles the stranded Americans in Kabul airport, things have escalated quickly after a new report from conservative pundit Jack Posobiec, who’s famous for his spot-on and accurate White House source.

He posted a tweet that reads, “There is zero chatter in the White House about getting American citizens out of Afghanistan. “They’re acting like they aren’t even there,” per WH official”

Recently, Biden vigorously defended his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, despite leaving Americans behind.

The ambiance in the White House is like they are trying to move on from the debacle of the President in Afghanistan while there are still stranded American Citizens in Kabul Airport.

Obviously, the polling has been so disastrous, that Team Biden wants to move on and never hear the word “Afghanistan” again.

White House insists Americans are ‘not stranded’ in Afghanistan as evacuations continue

Jen Psaki even said, ‘It’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not. We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home, home’

The US has evacuated more than 37,000 people from Afghanistan since 14 August and relocated more than 43,000 people since the end of July, according to the White House.

Source: WayneDupree

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