What Top Obama Crony Said About The Unvaccinated Is Pure Evil!


Right now, an Obama-era member is making horrendous suggestions, while People are continuing to face mounting persecution for not choosing to get the experimental COVID shot.

Under the Obama administration, Kathleen Sebelius worked as the Health and Human Services Secretary, recently slander those who have not injected themselves with the COVID “vaccine” and even compared them to drunk driving or smoking in public areas on CNN.

She said, “I want to be able to live my life with vaccination. And I’m being impinged on by people who say, I don’t want to get vaccinated, it’s fine, but I want them to maybe have a limitation on where they can go and who they can possibly infect.”

Sebelius claims that “Freedom is one thing, but freedom when you harm others like secondhand smoke and issues that we’ve dealt with very clearly in the past, you can’t drive drunk.”

Leftist elites who want total obedience to their agendas, comments like these are becoming more common among them.

The Rulers are now forcing their citizens to receive the shot or face jail time or total loss of freedom, such as the Prime Minister of Canada, and Emmanuel Macron, the President of France.

Obama’s former crony compares it to cancer. Now, they are demanding that a rushed vaccine is a must, and that seems odd because after all these years there isn’t a shot for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or other conditions that plague Americans.

“Well, it’s horrifying. I don’t know any cancer patient who if they were offered a shot that was 90 percent effective wouldn’t take it in a heartbeat. So we are in a situation where we have a wildly effective vaccine, multiple choices, lots available, free of charge and we have folks who are just saying I won’t do it.”

She then brings up the unvaccinated possibly killing children even though COVID deaths among younger People are basically unheard of.

“I think that it’s time to say to those folks, it’s fine. If you don’t choose to get vaccinated, you may not come to work. You may not have access to a situation where you’re going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy where you might kill them.”

As persecution mounts, like what Sebelius discussed, Americans will need to decide whether to stand their ground or give up their liberties forever.

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