What Just Happened With This Group Of Haitian Illegals Is Sickening!


According to the breaking news footage from Fox News, a “massive” group of illegals “shoving themselves through the gate” at the border, is this the “extreme progress” Kamala Harris is talking about?

The Biden administration continues to ignore it when he already knew that the border invasion is getting worse by the day.

Some of the 300-400 Haitians already had been taken away from two border patrol busses, but the border patrol doesn’t know what to do with them, Bill Melugin of Fox News claimed and he also says that this is the largest group he’s ever seen.

“Getting a bit hectic here in Del Rio. Massive group of 300+ migrants wants to be let into the US. Some migrant families being let through, but adult men try to force their way through the gate. BP and troopers have to yell at them to get back”

“A large majority of the migrants, including single adult men, have been let into the United States and taken into custody. At least 200+ have been taken away in buses. More still coming, more still waiting”

This is insane, they will be flown to a destination in the US.  These people once they step foot in America, are here to stay.

On Twitter, Melugin also just posted another group:

“Texas State Troopers pulled over a semi truck near Laredo today that was crammed full of 105 migrants who were being smuggled into the United States. The driver, Michael Warren McCoy, was arrested for human smuggling and was booked into Webb County jail.”

Tucker Carlson reported on illegals flown to American cities, recently.

Watch it here: Youtube/ Fox News, GOP War Room/Youtube

Sources: 100PercentFedUp, WeLoveTrump


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