What They Are Doing To Cover Up Empty Store Shelves Is Outright Diabolical!


No arguing the fact that the supplies in America have been drastically bad if not worse.

We are only facing this not because our country cannot afford the supplies, not because we are not capable of paying trucks and hauls to deliver these supplies but because Joe Biden is not isn’t serious about fixing the supply chain.

We all witnessed how our truck drivers unite to stand against these vaccine mandates and they would rather retire than get vaccinated. So, should we think that our country is not capable of fixing this mess? No! The Biden Administration can and has the capabilities.

Democrats are just being Democrats, they are completely incompetent with their performance, just like Whitmer, just like old Biden.

And some say Joe and his commie Handlers want to teach American peasants to live with less – it falls in line with the Green New Deal, and that’s what everything is about nowadays: The Climate Cult.

Our stores have been very diabolical with their displays, have you ever seen a store display like this?

Watch it here: Youtube/Inside Edition

Fake food covers empty grocery store shelves to hide shortages and they just can’t do it, it’s very obvious and clear that our supplies are very low, then why would they do things such as this?

Well, it’s Biden’s America after all, where everything is under his pocket, where stores are forced to be dishonest to customers wherein Joe Biden should have been fixing this mess but I bet, most Americans already know that Biden is not serious at all.

The New Yorker reported:

The so-called supply-chain problem, which lies at the heart of the broader inflation surge, is a global phenomenon rooted in a faster rebound from the worldwide coronavirus shutdowns than many people had expected. “As the global recovery gains traction, demand for raw materials, intermediate inputs, and logistical services has outstripped available supply leading to rising and volatile prices, and delivery delays,” the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (B.I.S.)—the central bank of central banks—notes in a new report. Shipping costs have soared, cargo vessels have been forced to queue for days to gain access to ports, and the situation has been made worse by “precautionary hoarding at different stages of the supply chain,” the report goes on.

We all know that Democrats are going to blame COVID for this mess but in fact, it’s their mandate.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, The New Yorker

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