Biden’s Mask Mandates Are About To SEVERELY Impact A Major Transportation Industry!


Joe’s vaccine mandate is slowly destroying both people’s jobs and the economy. Employees either resign or get fired for defying tyrants Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Amtrak is just one of the many companies that were heavily affected by these forced vaccination mandates.

On Thursday, Amtrak said it will reduce services in 2022 because many of its employees were in defiance of Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Stephen Gardner, the railroad company’s president told a congressional panel Thursday, “We anticipate proactively needing to temporarily reduce some train frequencies across our network in January to avoid staffing-related cancellations.”

Gardner added that any service reductions would last until March “or as soon as we have qualified employees available.”

Gardner added, saying about 95% of Amtrak workers are at least partially vaccinated. The rest face a Jan. 4 deadline that the Biden administration set for employees of federal contractors.

“We hope that all employees who have already received one vaccination dose, which all employees are required to receive as of today, will be fully vaccinated by January 4.”

Amtrak is under stress keeping services in operation as many of its employees left the company amid large pandemic unemployment benefits, Gardner told the committee Amtrak as he agreed to participate in Biden’s mandate in August.

Many more companies face the same faith with Amtrak, wherein they are struggling to maintain employees after Biden issued the $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief package in March, which included borrowed money to fund unemployment programs.

In fact, it resulted in a massive supply chain crisis as the workforce and workers preferred to accept Biden’s dole instead of participating in the economy.

Source: Breitbart

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