What One Of Biden’s Top People Said About The Miami Collapse Is Beyond Ghoulish!


On Tuesday, Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s Energy Secretary, recently spoke out on CNN’s News Day on why she believes the Surfside, Florida condo building collapsed.

She’s being chastised on social media for politicizing the tragedy by claiming that the collapse was caused by global warming. She utilized this horrible occurrence to support Biden’s infrastructure program, just like a Democrat would.

When CNN asked whether climate change played a role in the fall of the Champlain Towers, Granholm was baited:

“Obviously, we don’t know fully, but we do know that the seas are rising. We know that we’re losing inches and inches of beaches, not just in Florida but all around. Michigan, where I’m from, we’ve seen the loss of beaches because the waters are rising, so this is a phenomenon that will continue.”

“There’s so much investment that we need to do to protect ourselves from climate change but also to address it and mitigate it. Hopefully, these infrastructure bills, when taken together, will make a huge step and allow America to lead again.” She continued.

Brian McNoldy, a climate and weather expert at the University of Miami, told CNN that the sea level at Surfside has increased about seven to eight inches in the last four decades, owing mostly to human-caused climate change.

According to McNoldy, rising sea levels in the Miami area increase the frequency of high tide floods, which can cause disastrous damage to structures as saltwater damages infrastructure.

“I don’t think I need to be an engineer to conclude this, but any time things are submerged in salt water, it becomes harsh on them — it doesn’t matter what that material is,” McNoldy said.

Granholm exploited the fall in her interview to promote President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure proposal.

Granholm stated, “We’ll have to wait to see what the analysis is for this building, but the issue about resiliency and making sure we adapt to this changing climate, that’s going to mean levees need to be built, sea walls need to be built, infrastructure needs to be built.”

On social Medias, Granholm was slammed for using this horrible tragedy to push Biden’s agenda:

“Absolutely goulish”

“Yes, a global climate phenomenon affected a single swimming pool and parking garage but didn’t affect neighboring structures,” Alex Plitsas wrote.

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