What Newt Gingrich Just Said About Nancy Pelosi Is Absolutely Perfect!


Tongues are still wagging after Joe Biden’s terrible STOU speech, and terrible is putting it mildly too.

However, while Joe Biden’s speech was horrific, there were some other moments that were caught that were equally cringe-worthy.

Now, let me back up for a moment and lay the groundwork of how important this speech was supposed to be.

Biden needed a grand slam of a speech.


He needed a speech that would help lift the Democrats out of the massive crater they have found themselves in.

Sadly, for the Dems that did not happen.

The speech was more of a whimper than a slam, and some are saying it actually made the Democrat’s problems 10x worse.

During the speech, Biden did his best to back peddle on all of the terrible policies they have been pushing for the last decade.

You know, like defunding the police and now COVID.

Biden even tried his hand at an America First approach, but that went over like a lead balloon.

Besides all the flubs, slurring, and not saying the right words, Biden also lied to the American people over and over again.

And that’s what shocked and disgusted Newt Gingrich most.

Yes, Newt was blown away by how awful the speech was – but amid all that, Newt still found time to give us a great nugget on Pelosi.


Newt says the “bright side” of the horrible speech was knowing this was the last time we’d ever have to see Pelosi in that set again.


Breitbart reported that Tuesday, on FNC’s “Hannity” following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed President Joe Biden for his State of the Union address, declaring it out of touch with reality and lies to the American people.

Gingrich also warned how the price of oil was emboldening Russian President Vladimir Putin with his invasion of Ukraine.

“Well, first of all, this is the last time we’ll see Nancy Pelosi at a State of the Union,” he said. “And I look forward to seeing Kevin McCarthy sitting up there next year. So that, to me, was the one optimistic moment. This was a very dangerous speech because either Joe Biden believed in the speech, in which case he’s out of touch with reality, or it was a deliberate lie to the American people, lie after lie, after lie. Your point is exactly right. Trump had the price of oil per barrel down at about $46. The difference between that and $100 a barrel is $54 going to Putin every single hour.”

“[T]he point is, at that price, Putin is making over a billion dollars a day to finance his military activities, thanks to the Biden policy,” Gingrich continued. “Biden had a chance to do a lot of things tonight. And I would simply say I’m more optimistic than you are. Not that I don’t think this will be brutal and difficult. But big cities absorb armies. It’s one of the great lessons of World War Two in places like Stalingrad and Leningrad, and Putin ought to understand that. If the, if the Ukrainians are prepared to fight, we have an absolute moral obligation. And Congress should ask us to start moving money, passing legislation.”

You can watch the video below:

I stand with Newt concerning getting rid of Pelosi, but I don’t want to see McCarthy in that seat.

He’s far too weak and too much of an “establishment” guy. We need some new blood in that chair, someone who believes 100 percent in the America First agenda.

And that’s definitely not McCarthy.

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