Ammo Company Doing Very Particular Background Check For EVERY Purchase!


You have to love it when a business has morals that they are willing to stick to.

For example, there is a liquor store in the town I grew up in. Nothing shady about this place and definitely no under the table type stuff coming from this owner. So much in fact, that he had a list of people he wouldn’t sell booze to because he was the only liquor store in town and he knew of their exploits.

Nobody would dare take this guy to court because what the hell are you going to do, tell a judge that despite you being a sloppy drunk he had to serve you?

Anyway, you always have to be careful who you sell things to because there is always a paper trail that a clever enough lawyer could match you to. Look at how many bars have been found liable for people’s drunk driving accidents.

That being said, you definitely have to be careful who you sell things like bullets to.

Considering that Biden is on the verge of enacting gun control, this isn‘t a bad idea at all (I mean, a fair amount of them think all of the opposition are “Nazis“ and wants them to be forcefully re-educated and banished from society until that happens, right?).

The butthurt in this thread is also pretty good, but there’s also some important dialogue.

We’ve covered some of what Fenix Ammo has had to go through in MI, such as being targeted by local Democrat gun control supporting politicians.

1 thought on “Ammo Company Doing Very Particular Background Check For EVERY Purchase!

  1. This needs to be advertised far and wide in order to overcome the negative impact of the inevitable lost sales to useful idiots too dumb to realize a vote for Communist Joe Biden was the same as a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.

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