Dems handing out “welcome baskets” to refugees; one item inside has people OUTRAGED


Sneaky Democrats are handing out “welcome baskets” to refugees that have all kinds of goodies, including voter registration cards!

In Nebraska democrats are making welcome baskets for the refugees that are coming in. But one of the items included in the basket is causing a stir.

Voter registration cards! To immigrants who won’t be legal citizens for years. No wonder democrats are so pro-immigration and illegal immigrants and refugees, this is where they get their votes!

From Allen B. West:

“Nebraska has, and welcomes the most refugees and immigrants on a per-capita basis,” Nebraska Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb said.

When [President Trump] put in his racist travel ban we put out a call to action to Democrats across the state saying ‘help us create welcome baskets for refugee and immigrant families who are making Nebraska their home,’” she said.

Never mind the fact that it’s a Class IV felony for making false statements while registering to vote.

Kleeb has a feeble reason (a Kleeb Feeb?) reason for including the registration cards it would be illegal to use. She said the forms were included to help refugees “get familiar with democracy and how you become a voter in our country.” (Yes, by fraud, apparently).

What in the actual hell?? This makes no sense! Voter registration cards to refugees, democrats actually welcome fraudulent voters! This should be no surprise.

Someone needs to be held responsible for this…Everyday the democrats are caught doing potential criminal activity, knowingly, and no one is doing a DAMN thing about it. We are sick of it….


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