Dad Releases Pic Of Daughter’s Abusive BF And Puts Bounty On His Head

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A young woman was brutally beaten by her boyfriend then her father took things into his own hands placing a bounty on his head.

In Missouri, a 20 year old woman named Chelsea Simmons was brutally beaten and nearly killed by her 27 year old boyfriend, Cedric Powe. The altercation caused her to lose her vision in one eye.

From America Now:

“Apparently he choked her until she passed out, brought her back, then choked her again and continually stomped on her head,” said Simmons’ stepmother, Melissa Zack. “She’s scared and she probably will be forever.”

 Powe, known by friends as Moe, reportedly fled to the south side of St. Louis. Mark Zack, Simmons’ father, offered $500 to anybody that could provide police with information that will help them track down his daughter’s attacker.“He needs to be caught so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else, and I don’t have to worry about it happening to her ever again,” said Simmons’ stepmother.
Doctors say that Simmons was very close to losing her life. She’s lucky to be here but she will probably suffer from pain for the rest of her life because of the altercation.
Below is a picture of Cedric Powe:
I of course feel bad about what happened to her but come on ladies! If you date a criminal expect to have bad things happen.What is wrong with some women, attaching themselves to men with no real future? There are plenty of hard working single men out there who won’t beat or take advantage, stop chasing these losers.
“Bad boys” are WAY overrated. Get yourself a man with faith in God, an education and parents who raised him to respect women… That’s attractive, not this criminal right here…
Update: Powe was arrested in St. Lois, Mo. where he was extradited back to Illinois and sentenced to 14 years in prison. 



22 thoughts on “Dad Releases Pic Of Daughter’s Abusive BF And Puts Bounty On His Head

  1. We no she is white, I bet she was a fat with no respect for herself. With drugs also part of it, if she had self-esteem she would not have ever settled.

    1. You sir are POS! I don’t care what the situation is no one deserves that kind of treatment. What if it was your daughter? I will say it again, you are a piece of shit!

    2. John. You are an Ass Hole. You have no freaking clue who this women is or her circumstance, yet you spew your ignorant dumb ass crap like a know it all. This Black Trash piece of shit should die for what he did, Period. As for you, slither back to the toilet you came from.

  2. What i keep seeing is women deciding on someone that manipulates them and dominates them. I also see that if given the chance, myself and others like me. We would rather put these criminals down for good. Save the taxpayers money and the justice system the ridiculous time for sentencing !

    1. Roy I agree with you. Nobody knows what this man was like when she met him. My ex husband was a great family man, people loved him and my friends and family thought he was a wonderful man. I thought I had the cream of the crop. THEN I MARRIED HIM. It took me a 1 1/2 years to get away from him. His mother and sisters helped me to stay hidden and our infant daughter was safe. Without the help of the women in his family I don’t know that I would have had the courage to leave. Both men and women are capable of being everything you want until they’ve got you so I can’t condemn this woman. I wish people wouldn’t say things like that’s what you get for dating a N because both my exhusband and I are middle class whites. Color and economics don’t have a thing to do with demons.

      1. That’s right Demons don’t discriminate they love to torment and torture everyone,and influence anyone open to there lies, and deception…

  3. Don’t mean nothing about skin color. It happens in all races.
    The part that is sad a man should never hit a woman under no circumstances. He should have been given more time.
    here we are making the victim the criminal. Be real people open your eyes a man does not beat a woman period.
    He was lucky the police got him if I was the father I think he would have been dead for his actions

    1. under no circumstances? huh next time some crazy white b**ch comes at me with a knife im’a piece her up! thats what happens when these crazy ass b**ches get hooked on that heroin? p.s say NO!! to drugs. Crack cocaine took over my moms life. Women who read this need to understand that hard drugs can rip families apart. If drugs played a role in these young couples lives. Just a reminder to those who dont do hard drugs. Both men and women, when they get that CRAVING!! They will stop for nothing till they get their fix. Some will go as far as killing, to get their fix. I know first hand!! One summer i was cruisen with this girl and all she was wanting to do was HEROIN!! Me on the other hand, kept trying to get her mind off it. she kept asking me to take her to this place to get SOME. and i kept telling her NO IM NOT GOINNA BE SEEN AT SOME DRUG HOUSE. I DONT LIKE HEROIN. i never seen it nor have i ever done it. SHe got so pissed that i wouldnt take her there. she started swinging at me hitting me as hard as she could BLOODIED my nose remind you we are riding in my car im driving trying to at least at the same time shes hitting me, I SLAMMED THE CAR INTO PARK told her to get the f**k out of my car. She then pulls a knife out of her purse and proceeds to stab me, i jumped out of my car as soon as i seen what she had. she gets out and starts chasing me around my vehicle with the knife i finally jumped back into my car while she was still trying to chase me. once i was back in my car i locked the doors by this time she starts punching my windows. I PUT THE CAR IN DRIVE AND TOOK OFF while shes standing there screaming at the top of her lungs. ALL BECAUSE SHE WANTED SOME HEROIN and i wouldnt take her to where SHE KNEW she could get it. B**ch was lucky I didn’t beat the ever living piss out of her. AND IM EXTREMELY lucky to make it out alive. SHE could have stabbed me to death if i wouldnt have got out of the car when i did. @–>—- HEROIN KILLS!!!

  4. O and by the way i am white myself. ALSO im a male. RACE has nothing to do with it. SHE IS A WOMEN there for she would get a lesser sentence if she would have killed his ass. and im not being sexist when i say that. ITS JUST A WELL KNOWN FACT that women with the same charges as a man, get less time. cause women can play it off like ” i was scared for my life so i shot the asshole” Judge be like “CASE DISMISSED” no charges!

  5. and how do we know she didnt attack him with a knife and he just beat the brakes off her ass??? HOW DO WE KNOW???!! None of us know so dont be posting shit like b88ch deserves it for getting with a nigger that just shows you have no respect for nobody. I know plenty of colored nurses that would drop everthing just to save your white racist ass. AND they might be the only one that CAN. just remember there is no difference in white trash you fuckin honky. you to

  6. So sad to have to say this but it’s typical stereotyping. It seems as though black men have the attitude to do this but it can happen to anyone regardless of race, age or gender. My daughter was in an abusive relationship when she finally had enough she ended locking herself with her 2 year old daughter in a public restroom. When she got out his family was there grabbed her daughter and fled the scene. I was on the phone with her and called the police. We went back to get her and her daughters belongings but instead they hid the child. His mother set her up my daughter went to jail and her husband got custody of her daughter. I used all my savings to help her and because his family has pull she lost everything. The attorney we paid worked for him and not us To this day he still controls her. People really can say how terrible it is but really don’t know what they really go threw.

  7. That’s a valid point no woman deserves to get beat up by a man knife or no knife, a man in general can stop a woman from attacking him without beating her up, that’s a weak dick coward that does anything like that, but that’s what these hood rat niggers are WEAK dick cowards, and dad should’ve dealt with that disgusting issue from the get go, no doubt she suffered from a serious case of low self esteem or she would never have gone that low, that’s dads fault for not taking ole mo out camping one night and exterminating that vermin in beginning!

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