Trump Just Admitted What He Is Doing For January 6th Political Prisoners….


In an interview Thursday with Wendy Bell on her radio show, former President Donald Trump said — if he becomes president again — he would issue full pardons and an apology to rioters involved on Jan. 6, 2021.

In the nearly 20 months since the Jan.6 incident, roughly 370 defendants have pleaded guilty to federal charges or been convicted in connection with the Jan.6, and over 220 have been sentenced. Over 800 defendants have been arrested and federally charged from nearly all 50 states and the District of Columbia, also according to the newspaper.

Trump, during the radio interview, also said he met with some Jan. 6 defendants earlier this week and is helping some financially.

“I am financially supporting people that are incredible and they were in my office actually two days ago, so they’re very much in my mind,” he said. “It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them. What they’ve done to these people is disgraceful.”

Yahoo News reported:

Trump told Bell he’s “financially supporting people that are incredible,” and that he recently hosted some of the Jan 6 defendants in his office. “It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them,” Trump explained, referring to sweeping Justice Department and FBI investigations of the deadly insurrection.

“They’re firemen, they’re policemen, they’re people in the military,” Trump said of the defendants, adding that his legal team has been “working on it very hard.”

According to the 100 Percent Fedup report, after 2.5 years of abuse, while awaiting trial, President Trump said he would look “very favorably” about giving the abused January 6 defendants “full pardons.”

“I’m looking at it very carefully … I’ve studied cases,” Trump said. “We have to do it, because they have some good lawyers but even [with] the good lawyers … you get some of these judges that are so, so nasty and so angry and mean.”

“And I will tell you, I will look very, very favorably about, about full pardons. If I decide to run and if I win, I will be looking very, very strong about pardons.

Full pardons.

“I think that’s probably going to be the best because even if they go for, for two months or six months and you know, they have sentences that are a lot longer than that, but we’ll be looking very, very seriously at full pardons because we can’t let that happen. “And I mean full pardons with an apology to many.”

Watch at the 35:30 mark: WendyBellRadio/Rumble

Trump in previous interviews has raised the possibility of pardons, but the idea of an apology and financial support is new.

Sources: 100PercentFedUp, Post Millennial, Yahoo News

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