Trump Jr. Just Stepped Up And Ripped Biden’s Gas Hike Blunder To Pieces!


Many people are now looking for someone to blame as Americans face skyrocketing fuel costs as a direct result of Biden’s weak policies with the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Biden and his regime are not bringing the right solution to this ongoing war in Ukraine, as a result, many Americans suffer from high inflation and skyrocketing gas prices.

Now, Democrats are trying to circle the wagons around Joe Biden. Meanwhile, prominent Republicans say the White House bears much of the responsibility.

Donald Trump Jr., the most vocal critic of this regime just ripped Biden in his new speech. During a recent event, he eviscerated Biden and the Democratic Party for various policies that he insisted have been detrimental to the nation.

More details of this story from Forsyth County News:

Serving as the event’s keynote speaker, Trump immediately thanked the local voters for their support and described his campaign as the “I told you so tour” for the performance of President Joe Biden.

“The one place where the Biden administration and Democrats have overperformed is I thought it would take them much longer to destroy our country,” Trump said. “I figured; four years will be a disaster. We’re one year in, we have three more years of the nonsense to go.”

Trump’s criticisms of Biden included rising gas prices, higher inflation and the handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying “They’re taking your money to give to Russia to fund the war that they say they are against.”

This isn’t new for Trump Jr., I mean he’s always vocal on his Twitter account of his harsh assessment of the Biden regime — and Democrats in general. 

Of all the mess Biden has done to America since he sits in the office, he is still trying hard to cover it up just to look good in the public eye.

The Hill further explained:

President Biden on Tuesday pushed back against criticism from Republicans that his energy policies are to blame for soaring gas prices during an announcement that the U.S. would no longer allow imports of Russian oil.

In his remarks on Russian oil imports, Biden argued that his administration’s policies are not limiting domestic energy production, insisting the U.S. needs to invest in clean energy so Americans are not at the mercy of gas prices.

“It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production. That’s simply not true,” Biden said. “Even amid the pandemic, companies in the U.S. pumped more oil during my first year in office than they did during my predecessor’s first year.”

Watch the video clip below of Trump’s recent remarks.

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